No 10. Charlie Flynn

Who can forget the gold medal winning Commonwealth boxer from Motherwell and his fantastic post match interviews.

With “golden” quotes seeming to flow effortlessly from his lips, his interviews and eventual gold medal triumph added a helping of cream to the delicious cake that was Glasgow´s Commonwealth Games.

With gems such as. “The mailman always delivers” (Flynn works at Royal Mail) or when offering thanks to people that helped him achieve his medal triumph he said. “I´d like to thank ma da and my ma for doin aw ma washin.” ……Brilliant.

No 9. Magners Summer Night @the Kelvingrove Bandstand

At number nine on our list, the grand re-opening of the 2,500 capacity Kelvingrove Band Stand, originally built in 1924, it became synonymous with the Glasgow music and entertainment scene throughout the decades. Falling into a state of disrepair in the 90´s, it recently underwent a £2 million pounds refurbishment, and now sits as one of the highlights in Glasgow´s West End.

Magners announced a yearly festival at the Bandstand, this year´s highlights were Alison Moyet, Teenage Fanclub and The Waterboys. Every night was a near sell out

No 8. Radio 1 Big Weekend

When Radio 1 announced they were rolling into town, the average listener probably expected a few B list musicians and a feeble attempt at “connecting” with the Scottish crowd. What wasn’t to be expected was the biggest DJ´s, bands and artists in the world tearing the roof off a three day festival in Glasgow Green . We were astounded but we were also humbled, thank you Radio 1.

No 7. The Commonwealth Opening Games

Sure it was cringey, twee and a little bit cliche’d but be honest it was fun, hilarious and who doesn’t love a good cliche’. Scotland opened the Commonwealth Games, in a fashion that will never be repeated, only an opening ceremony in Scotland would see the entire event stolen by 41 “Wee Scottie Dugs”. Who led out the participating commonwealth countries.

No 6. Culture 2014

Compliments to the city council for the smooth running of every event coincided with the Commonwealth Games and beyond. Glasgow has been a joy to be a part of so far in 2014. The West End Festival, Merchant Festival, South Side Festival, Vintage Festival, Glasgow Summer Sessions, Magners Summer Nights and all others. Glasgow was united in musical spirit, and we welcomed the world, open armed to our “wee” party.

No 5. MTV EMAs

The SSE Hydro welcomes the cream of the musical world as Glasgow hosts the MTV EMA’s, with past performers, such as Gaga, Eminem, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Madonna and Britney Spears. Pretty much anyone, who has been anyone, throughout the last two decades has performed at the EMA’s. Expect the biggest names in the music industry, expect controversy, (Kanye West storming the stage), quite simply expect the unexpected.

No 4. The return of Still Game

We welcome back, Jack, Victor, Navid, Isa, Winston, Tam, Boaby the barman and the rest of the Craiglang gang. All are making a long overdue return to Scottish culture and Scottish hearts as Still Game appears at the SSE Hydro for 21 consecutive days. With rumours of a follow up TV series in the pipeline. Expect hilarity and a deluge of awards to follow the three week SSE Hydro appearance.

No 3. Scotland’s Commonwealth Games Medal Haul

A mention has to go to Scotland´s impressive medal tally at the Commonwealth Games, Fourth out of a possible 71 countries, not bad for a country of less than six million who are world famous for the deep fried Mars bar. New heroes were born, thank you to every athlete who competed, you gave us our sporting integrity back.

No 2. Politics and it’s return to popular culture

Slightly obscure but number two has to go to everyone in Glasgow (and Scotland) who participated in the Referendum debate, every single person who has debated the ramifications involved in backing Independence or those who oppose it. Democracy needs you, Scotland needs you, Glasgow needs you. We salute you Glasgow, you’ve found your voice again. Long may it continue, P.S for anyone who didn’t vote and had no valid reason. Shame on you.

No 1. (Drumroll please) Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games 2014

There could only be one winner. Glasgow´s Commonwealth Games by a length. From the participation of Glasgow´s citizens, each and every athlete who competed, the transport system (90% per cent of the time) Clyde the mascot, and also the harmony that the people of Glasgow and the Commonwealth created. Sure there was a few grumbles along the way. (Well we are Glaswegian!) but Glasgow, congratulations, you were marvellous.

*A special mention also has to go to the Scottish weather during the Commonwealth Games, you also made us proud*  (90% per cent of the time).