January is the month for New Years resolutions. So many of us decide on a new start with a healthy January. The December party season has come to an end and a New Year is the time for new beginnings. Often we have overindulged over the past weeks and start the New Year enthused to take control of our health. We see gym memberships soar, detox and diet plans touted as the answer to a new healthy you and the market flooded with books offering health advice.


But a few weeks of partying and overindulgence shouldn’t mean we have to embark on a detox program, deny ourselves eating delicious food, start rigorous diets or spend hours in the gym. Life is for living and moderation and variety is key. Eating healthily is a lifelong journey and a lifestyle choice.


My 5 top tips for a healthy January are the same for every single day of the year.


Don’t diet  or detox

Just eat good healthy food that supports health. A way of eating that encompasses a variety of whole fresh foods based on complex carbs, lean protein and healthy fats. One that is for every day of the year, one that is delicious, nutritious and doesn’t leave you hungry or denying yourself. Our bodies are amazing and detoxify continuously and will work effectively given the right ingredients through great food.


Eat the foods you enjoy

Eat your favourite foods  – just learn how to make them healthy. Make the dishes you love healthier and instead of grabbing the unhealthy takeaway, help your health and your wallet and make them yourself using fresh whole unprocessed foods.


Don’t use the excuse of not having enough time

Your health is the most important asset you have. It’s all too easy in our fast paced modern world to make excuses about not having time to cook or not having time to exercise. There are plenty of ways to save time in the kitchen, such as; batch cooking, preparation the evening before, getting the whole family involved and not over complicating recipes. The more you cook the more confident you become and the quicker you are able to prepare a meal. There are plenty of meals that can be prepared in one pot and under 30 minutes.


Similarly with exercise choose something that fits into your day rather than complicating it. It could be as simple as walking to the office instead of taking the bus or walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift.


Get educated

If you aren’t confident in the kitchen or don’t understand how to make food healthy and delicious then invest in your health and your family’s health; take time to do your research using reliable sources or even take an online course to learn about nutrition or showing you how to cook for health.


Choose exercise that you love

Don’t join the gym unless you actually enjoy it. Exercise is important but take up something that you will not just do for January. Choose something that you will do long term, whether that be a team sport, dancing, walking the dog more -anything that keeps you moving and inspires you.


Remember health is for life not for a month!

Don’t think about having a healthy January. Think about having a healthy life!