A bonkers bunch of Scottish students are one of two UK academies in the USA somersaulting their variety of a hyperloop, a method of Sci-Fi-esque transportation that can reach speeds of 700mph. We know right? It sounds like something straight out Star Trek, well apparently not. According to recent news reports, this could become a real thing!

The revolutionary space-age indication was initially the creation and “discovery” of SpaceX entrepreneur Elon Musk, who is in the process of constructing a demo track in the Nevada desert. (Bear in mind this is taking place not far from Las Vegas (Sin City) where trees covered in shoes, a house made of bottles and a man covered in toilet paper are all some of Nevada’s weirdest roadside attractions.

According to the trials, travelling at speeds comparable to a hypersonic jet, the Hyperloop would have the capability to travel from Edinburgh to London in roughly 30 minutes, making the capital-to-capital commute quicker than a train journey across the central belt. (You ken the feeling on the way back from the capital to Glasgow after a Xmas night, lasts forever ehh? 😉

At this point, a team of 30 associates from the University of Edinburgh have entered a proposal competition to earn a place in the SpaceX Hyperloop Design semi-finals in Texas this week. Their design for the super-speed shipping contains a small capsule that can hold eight people.


Adam Anyszewski, one of the student engineers on the project said: “The Hyperloop capsule would be placed into a long tube, that would stretch a regularly commuted distance – such as Edinburgh to London, or Los Angeles to San Francisco.” All the air is removed from the tube, to eliminate wind resistance. The capsule would then be powered towards London, using electricity…

Last week, during CES 2017, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas, potential investors and delegated talked about the global challenge contest to find the world’s best Hyperloop routes. The list is now down to 35 possible projects around the world, where some cities such as Dubai are actively pursuing approvals.


More than 2,600 proposals were registered in five months, and the semi-finalists come from 17 countries. A handful of finalists will be named by May! Straight out of Toy Story? Maybe not, this could be coming to a station near you? Surely by then Scot Rail will have their time keeping and standards up to scratch and will be meeting targets, and if that ever comes to life, you never know what else could happen? To infinity and beyond…