Everybody remembers their first time. Most people when looking back, will probably blush at their first time, think to themselves, “oh I wish it was better, I wish I had waited, I can’t believe my first time was with that.”

Whether you were given it, had it passed down, bought it in a shop, found it, or digitally downloaded it.

Everybody remembers the first time…They owned a piece of music.

Rather embarrassingly, my first piece of music, that I really truly longed for, saved up and purchased was…The Smurfs Go Pop…And yes, looking back I feel I should hang my head in shame.


Whether it was the helium pitched songs similar to my helium pitched pre pubescent vocal chords, That album was glorious to me, the equivalent to my Beatles. Stones or Elvis. Those white hat wearing blue pigmented Belgian legends were my first foray into the music world and a small part of me is (dare I say it) proud.

Remixing nineties “classics” such as No Limits, Mr Boombastic, It’s All So Quiet and many, many, more, Smurfs Go Pop was the soundtrack to my nineties. I played it on repeat everywhere, in the car, in the house, on my own personal cassette player. Life was bliss (for anyone under the age of eleven).

The heartfelt lyrics would sometimes bring me close to tears, I’ve got a little puppy, The Smurfs and Mr Blobby and We´re the Smurfs personal favourites of mine.

Rather hilariously a few months ago I found the C.D (yes I upgraded to CD soon after I wore the cassette out) and thought I would get a little blast from the past, Oh My God, it was horrendous.

Local dogs in the neighbourhood, cried with howls of derision, my dog was physically trying to attack the CD player, my eardrums were literally being ripped out from the inside of my ear. The torture I must have inflicted on so many adults.

Those weren’t tears of joy streaming from adults faces when I played the album on endless repeat, instead they were tears of pain and suffering, through hours of endless squeals from those blue Belgian hooligans.

I would like to take the time to apologise for the trauma inflicted on any adult that knew me in my younger years.

Funnily enough it would go some way to explaining my love of Euro pop or “cheesy quaver” as it was affectionately known, in my teenage years. But that’s a story for a later date.

So come on, what was the first piece of music you officially owned? Think of it like a free therapy session, you’re chance to unburden yourself from the childhood trauma. Comment below.

(And for all you who are adamant your first piece of music was something cool…We don’t believe you.)