Picture the scene; you’re out for a bevvy with your mates and you’re starving, but it’s past midnight. A simple kebab or a McDonalds won’t cut it, so what other options do you have? Luckily Glasgow now plays host to a number of establishments that serve great food until the early hours.

1. Slouch (203-205 Bath St, Glasgow G2 4HZ)

Image: Slouch Instagram

Located on Bath Street, Slouch has a kitchen that’s open until 2 am seven days a week. Their great selection of food makes it the perfect place to chow down on a late night snack. Sure they have burgers and pizzas, but if you fancy something different you could instead opt for lasagne, fajitas or even some cheesecake! Serve food until 2 am!

2. Maggie Mays (60 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5EP)

Not only does it have live bands seven days a week, but Maggie Mays also has a kitchen that serves delicious homemade food every day until 2 am. If you’re a lover of haggis or black pudding then you’re in for a treat as there’s a Scottish theme running throughout the menu. That said there’s something for everyone at Maggie’s, whether that’s a bowl of soup, haggis bon bons, macaroni cheese, or a full steak dinner! Serve food until 2am

Image: Maggie Mays Facebook

3. Spice Garden (15-17 Clyde Pl, Glasgow G5 8AA)

Now there’s nothing wrong with chips and curry sauce, but why settle for that when you could have the real deal? Spice Garden has numerous classic Indian dishes to choose from and is open until 4 am. For those who don’t like curries don’t worry as there are also “European” options including pizza, steak and fish and chips. Serve food until 4 am

Image: Spice Garden Facebook

4. Bloc+ (117 Bath St, Glasgow G2 2SZ)

If you’re looking for late night pizza then look no further than Bloc+ on Bath Street. It’s the ideal place if you just want to chill out with a beer and some pizza whilst watching some live music. Although there are three golden rules in Bloc+: “Nae football shirts. Nae winching at the bar. Nae bams.” Fair enough we say.

Image: Bloc+ Instagram

5. Steak & Cherry (508-516 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3LG)

There’s nowhere else quite like the Steak & Cherry (except the old Steak & Cherry which burned down in 2011!). Where else could you sit down and have a delicious three-course meal when you are mad with it at four in the morning? Yes, you read that correctly, they serve food until 4 am! Whether you’re craving pasta, a hot dog or a steak after a night out on the tiles you can bet that Steak & Cherry will be able to sort you out.

Image: Steak & Cherry Facebook

6. The Howlin’ Wolf (100 Bath St, Glasgow G2 2EN)

Another Bath Street haunt, The Howlin’ Wolf is a basement bar that provides great food, along with a variety of drinks and live music, until 2 am. A varied choice of pizzas, burgers and bites will make sure your stomach is suitably lined for wherever the rest of the evening takes you!

Image: The Howlin’ Wolf Facebook

***Words By Niall Murray***