Where Do you wanna go this summer?

The Maldives? Bora Bora? Seychelles? St Moritz?


We all know how tough a year last year was. With no travel, most people had to embrace staying at home, and for those lucky enough to get a break, then a staycation was the answer. However, we all know that there is nothing quite like clear blue skies, golden sand beaches and a cocktail in your hand.

With vaccinations being rolled out across the world, the travel sector looks to reopen (albeit with some countries still forbidden non-essential travel), we know it won’t be the same as before but the luxury to leave your country seems like the holy grail for many after being stuck at home. Let’s face it, travelling makes you happy. There is something about being in the sun that makes you feel good… and we all wanna feel good, right?


This blog features some of our top 10 Travel Locations that we recommend in 2021.

Please note, we are not advising you to travel if you have restrictions in your country. This blog is aimed at bringing you some inspiration for when you are allowed to travel.


Number 1 – The Maldives 

The Maldives are the stuff dreams are made of — as in dream vacations inspired by those impossibly perfect pics you see on Instagram – you know, the ones posted by influencers! Or those daily fantasies about quitting your job to live on an exotic island for the rest of your life – sounds good right? We recommend checking the Maldives out this Year if you can!


Number 2 – Bora Bora

It features in the dreams of loved-up couples the world over, and is in hot demand with just married couples as the ultimate honeymoon hot spot scented with tiare flowers. And for the rest of us, the beautiful Bora Bora is simply the personification of romance. Its hotels offer a wonderful sense of privacy with their chic over water bungalows and floating villas with direct access to the sea, while their terraces afford breath-taking views of blazing sunsets.


Number 3 – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s profile has risen in recent years. The introduction of an e-visa in late 2017, which made it easier to visit, boosted tourism by 48.6 percent, while Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed caught the world’s attention when he was awarded the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. But even as visitors flocked to Ethiopia’s nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, its historic capital city remained a mere stopover. Green spaces in the city were nonexistent and outdoor activities sparse—until now.


Number 4 – Chiapas, Mexico

Just across the border from Guatemala, the Mexican state of Chiapas is full of lush, mountainous highlands, which house nearly a dozen significant Mayan archaeological sites (the ancient ruins of Palenque date back to 266 B.C.)


Number 5 – Ghana

In 2019, heritage travelers streamed into Ghana during the Year of Return initiative, which featured large music and art festivals like Afrochella, meant to inspire the diaspora to reconnect with the West African country and their ancestors by planning a trip.