Cocktails are a wonderful invention, its like a flavour party in your mouth and all the colours of the rainbow are invited along as well.

The history of cocktails stretches as far back as the 1700’s in Britain, but in 1862, Jerry Thomas a Connecticut resident, scribed the very first cocktail recipe book.

Although there has been much discussion about the legitimacy of the US claim. (Thomas was born and raised in Britain.)

It is generally accepted that Jerry Thomas in all his wisdom was the pioneer behind modern bar-tending and the art of mixology. But the origins of mixing fruit and alcohol is hotly disputed.

Following the American civil war, America began to grow exponentially wealthy and the prosperity that the new United States started to garner led to wealthy tourists wanting to travel over to Britain to see the “home country”.

Young bartenders began to realise that adding a touch of flair and creativity, whilst serving behind the bar, would see them receive better tips from the American tourists. (and probably the eye of a few travelling ladies)

Hundreds of new drinks were created during this time and, the American tourists loved them so much, that they took the idea back to the States and instigated the trend over there. (Some of the recipes even managed to make their way back across to Britain, re-branded as an American drink.)

Cocktails are big business these days, and with the price of a cocktail becoming cheaper without the quality being damaged, it is more common in modern times to see guys and girls drinking cocktails in a bar.

With that in mind, Glasgow Living is proud to bring the definitive top five cocktail bars in Glasgow.

No 5. Vodka Wodka


Ashton Lanes’ most popular cocktail bar.

Now in its thirteenth year Vodka Wodka is at the very heart of life in Ashton Lane in Glasgow’s West End. Appealing to students, suits and also 9-5’s. Vodka Wodka is probably the most popular bar in Ashton Lane and certainly one of the most popular in Glasgow’s West End.

Not the largest in stature Vodka Wodka (V.W) does promise a great atmosphere even without the premises being mobbed.

Known, mostly for its vast selection of vodka’s from across the world, V.W also specialises in a variety of excellent cocktails with two in particular receiving the greatest positive reviews the “Jolly Rancher” and the “Kamikaze'”.

jolly rancher

The Jolly Rancher does exactly what it says on the tin, from a bygone era of your childhood, the hardboiled Jolly Rancher sweet was a sweet like no other, (dentists still probably wake up in the night horrified at the thought of them).

Vodka Wodka’s Jolly Rancher is all the fruity flavour and less of the diamond hard candy, tears, and emergency trips to the dentist, that you fondly remember from your childhood.

V.W cocktails are all made with the vodka’s they stock behind the bar (no basic Smirnoff) which gives each vodka its own particular taste, even cocktails that you might have tried elsewhere, will not taste exactly how you might imagine.


For instance, the majority of cocktail drinkers will have sampled a French Martini (or five) but V.W using Luksosova Vodka and a highball glass instead of the standard martini glass helps to give the French Martini a fresh makeover.

The Kamikaze aka the drink to end all nights, is not served in a cocktail glass, but in a pitcher (best not have an entire one to yourself), and its actually quite refreshing, Made with Luksosova Vodka and Triple Sec, (the ingredient that Cosmos are mixed with). Kamikaze’s are lovely, (don’t be afraid of the name, it’s probably more afraid of you than you of it.)

Vodka Wodka: great value cocktails, cheerful atmosphere, quality vodka.