For anyone who hasn’t heard of the Tiki Bar in Glasgow, you should be scribbling “visit Tiki” on your bucket list immediately.


The majority of people happen to stumble into the bar by chance, it’s very unassuming, no flashing lights or PRs trying to lasso you into going inside.

But once you find your way down the stairs and inside, it’s wonderful.

To be honest, the best way to describe Tiki Bar is if you can imagine the movie “Jumanji”, you know, with the stampedes, monkeys, deadly flowers and irate colonial huntsman etc. Now imagine stumbling across the board game and rolling the dice, thus getting trapped in Jumanji. So far, so jungle. But imagine, while visiting Jumanji, waiting for another player’s roll of the dice, you went strolling and through sheer luck, stumbled onto a bar. Can you imagine how exotic that pub would be?…Welcome to the Tiki Bar.


Tiki Bar offers cocktails like no other in Glasgow, adding ingredients like no other in Glasgow. There’s really no other place like it in Glasgow.

Tiki is a little on the expensive side however, with cocktails ranging from £7 pounds to £111 pounds (that’s not a typo, £111 pounds sterling).

Don’t be put off though, each cocktail is lovingly created by highly trained mixologists, in a fantastic atmosphere (some of the cocktails even come strapped to a firework).


The majority of the cocktails fall into the ten pounds mark, and if you go midweek, the drink is presented in a tiki mug, which is crafted into the shape of faces, shells, pineapples and a whole host of other items.

Blue Hawaiian is particularly popular. Pineapple, sherbet, Cuaraco, Stoli vodka. The ingredients give the drink a glow in the dark blue colour, fantastic tasting, fantastic looking.

One must give a doff of the hat toward Tiki’s infamous Zombie cocktail. (Above). The bar only permits customers to purchase two Zombies, throughout the course of the evening. Draconian you say? Well any cocktail that includes even a hint of absinthe, would be best not consumed in excessive quantities, so best not to disagree with the bar-tenders.

With names of the cocktails ranging from the aforementioned Zombie, to Missionary’s Downfall, Glasvegas Kiss or Clyde Fog Cutter, Tiki is one of the most unique and fun bars in Glasgow. (Free popcorn as well!)

Fabulous atmosphere and one of Glasgow’s best.

It appears we’ve reached No3 on our all important list…..

Unfortunately you’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out Glasgow Living’s top three cocktail bars.

Hmmm who can they be? Who can they be? 

There’s only one way to find out…