Booly Mardy’s on Byres Road is a Glasgow institute. Equally famous for its cocktails as well as its battles with authority. Originally known as Bloody Mary’s when initially opening its doors in 2003, a rival company snaffled up the rights to the title and thus Booly Mardy’s was born.


(Booly Mardy’s is an anagram of Bloody Mary’s, but don’t tell anyone).

Regularly courted as Glasgow’s best cocktail bar, Booly Mardy’s in the city’s West End stands out from most of the competitors for its quality, and efficiency rather than trying to hypnotise customers with gimmicks or cocktail flaring/flirting.

Booly Mardy’s received an award from the prestigious Theme magazine, being presented with best drink selection and best presentation in the UK. With nearly forty cocktails on their menu, it’s easy to see why Theme magazine were mightily impressed.

booly mardy2

The Booly Mardy is probably the most popular cocktail on the menu. Their signature cocktail, the premises name change failed to diminish the popularity of the drink in the West End bar. (Much kudos to the marketing genius who’s idea it was to rename Bloody Mary to Booly Mardy on the menu as well).

Even with closing times in the West End averaging out at about 12am, Booly Mardy’s doesn’t seem to suffer in terms of quality or popularity, several other of the cocktail bars on the list have the added customer incentive of being able to open til three in the morning (sometimes later), but Booly Mardy’s still trumps them.

Extra credit also has to go to Booly Mardy’s customer friendly policy. The policy in which customers are actively encouraged to attempt to make cocktails in their own home. All with the help of recipes that the Booly Mardy’s staff happily supply.

Fantastic cocktails, excellent customer service, fabulous variety. Glasgow would be a drearier place without Booly Mardy’s to frequent.