Glasgow’s No 1. Cocktail Bar… Blue Dog on West George Street. Situated unassumingly close to the inescapable mayhem that is Lloyds, Blue Dog is everything Lloyds will never be. Literally the next door along, Blue Dog provides an atmosphere unique to the city of Glasgow.


You would struggle to compare Blue Dog to anything else in Glasgow, but an adequate comparison would be an early twentieth century jazz bar. Moody lighting, live music, pianist in the corner (with occasional Ed Sheeran appearances), and exquisitely created cocktails.


Blue Dog feels cultured, a calm centre in the middle of the bustling city centre, a complete parallel universe to Glasgow’s raucous nightlife.

If you grow frustrated at the “always on” lifestyle 90% of people now seem to be leading, why not take a deep breath, step inside Blue Dog and just unwind with one of its famous cocktails.

Originally opening its doors in 2003, Blue Dog immediately stood out from the vast majority of Glasgow’s pubs and clubs, actively avoiding tacky street PRs, harassing customers, 2-4-1 deals, or any other tactics that the lions share of other city centre bars apply to drum up custom.

Blue Dog aimed to draw a touch of sophistication to West George Street’s night-life culture (something it was arguably crying out for) and it aimed to do so by being the best at cocktails, offering the most serene atmosphere whilst providing live music that isn’t set to “irreversible internal damage” volume.


The cocktails are created in such a manner that it feels like the highly trained, quality mixologists are putting their heart and soul into each cocktail. And if you’re favourite cocktail isn’t on the menu?

blue dog4

Well they’ll just go ahead and make it for you anyway.

Be warned however the cocktails are deceptively strong, and Blue Dog use only the highest quality ingredients. You might end up slightly inebriated after a couple of their cocktails.

Although Blue Dog is probably on the expensive side of the cocktail market, to use a well worn advertising slogan: it’s reassuringly expensive.

Definitely a fantastic place for “the” first drink of a first date, however, prepare for a stern word from your bank manager if you plan on staying for the entire evening.

Highly, highly recommended.

Congratulations Blue Dog, you’re the dogs b*******!