We at GlasgowLiving feel strongly about supporting food banks in Glasgow and its surrounds. We hope you found our April Fools article shocking (where the Government had deigned to privatise food banks in the UK) – that was the intent! It’s shocking that food banks have to exist.

We believe Scotland should be free from food banks – we believe they are something that should not have to exist in a fair society that looks after its most vulnerable members. But they do exist. And their use is growing daily thanks to cuts in welfare and tighter budgets throughout Scotland. So we feel strongly that while this deplorable situation exists, we must raise awareness of the issue, and also do our bit to help them provide their vital service to people let down by our government.

Do your bit, Glasgow. Donate to your local food bank – a tenner of non-perishable foods will go a long way. We’ve provided some contact details of food banks in the Glasgow area at the end of this article so you can have a swatch of the good work they do.

One third of all children in Glasgow live in poverty. It’s time to put an end to child poverty in Scotland’s largest city. Jack Eye Jones, DJ MC Mallorca Lee, Jon Mancini and friends Sunny Govan Community Radio, in association with GlasgowLiving are offering you the chance to attend a gig with Scotland’s biggest DJ’s. The price of a ticket? A bag of non-perishable food. Watch the video for more details.

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Glasgow Food Banks

Greater Maryhill Food Bank – http://greatermaryhillfoodbank.co.uk

The Trussell Trust Food Bank – http://trusselltrust.org

Glasgow SE Foodbank – http://glasgowse.foodbank.org.uk

Glasgow SW Foodbank – http://glasgowsw.foodbank.org.uk

Glasgow NE Foodbank – http://glasgowne.foodbank.org.uk

Glasgow NW Foodbank – http://glasgownw.foodbank.org.uk