It seems there is honour amongst this group of (Vigo) Thieves.

The Vigo Thieves are here and they’re ready to save the charts from mediocrity.

Following talented Welsh band The Hearts, Vigo Thieves swaggered on to the King Tut’s stage with a backing track of Killers, All These Things That I’ve Done. Instantly you knew they are destined for greatness, to be rock and roll stars. The world it seems just doesn’t know it yet.

That seems a disservice to Scotland because tickets for Saturday’s gig sold out like proverbial gold dust, and they’ve been selling out venues across Scotland since bursting onto the Glasgow music scene.

Did you know that in 2013 the Vigo Thieves became the first unsigned band in King Tut’s long remarkable history to sell out the world famous venue two nights in a row.

king tuts

Anyone who witnessed Saturday nights performance will have witnessed history.

With hints of early U2 or early Killers (the Killers lets not forget cut their teeth at King Tuts) Vigo Thieves have such an arsenal of singalong, anthemic, rock and roll songs, it only shows the sorry state of the UK charts, that they haven’t exploded over the airwaves…Yet.

Make no mistake about it, Vigo Thieves, Stevie Jukes, is a frontman for the new generation. His onstage charisma is undeniable, conducting the entire crowd like his own personal orchestra, the entire band’s 100 watt smile failing to diminish, at any point during their electric performance.

vigo thieves2

Opening with Believe (Chosen as the Scottish national side’s Euro 2016 anthem) It was clear that King Tuts were in for an unbelievable night of music.

Tasting success in 2012 with Forever, their music video starring Shameless star Jodie “Lip” Latham, the Vigo Thieves have been building up a contingency of die-hard Vigo Thieves fans, who are “Vigo Daft” by the looks of the countless bodies wearing t shirts signalling so.

Now is the perfect time for the Vigo Thieves to slam head first into the charts. With singer-songwriters currently saturating the charts with melancholy songs about their latest girlfriend chucking them in the bin or their pet hamster passing on. The Vigo Thieves, like a certain Manchester band before them are about seeing life as a glass half full, and taking the crowd along with them.

The depth of music on offer from the Vigo Thieves belied their unsigned status. Stevie Jukes stripped back, spine-tingling, Razorblade one of the highlights of the night, showcasing that they have far more than anthem sing-alongs in the tank.

vigo thieves5

Launching into Heartbeats mid set, the Vigo’s could have probably popped down to the shops for a can of Irn Bru as the crowd sang word for word, captivated by the intensity of the band. In this new world were social media is king, Vigo Thieves, Heartbeats has currently been viewed more than 109,000 times. Which are pretty spectacular stats for a previously unsigned band from Wishaw.

With a set list including instant classics and future stadium anthems Forever, This Love and Ghosts, there is no band similar in style to Vigo Thieves in the charts at the moment.

It’s clear that Scotland’s best kept secret, will not remain that way for very much longer, and with festival season fast approaching, music fans are crying out for a bit more “Here we f****** go” and a bit less “All I can sing is woe.”

Vigo Thieves are knocking on the door and music fans are beginning to answer.

With new material primed for release and a new tour in the foreseeable future. The Vigo Thieves are destined for the top. Come in Ed Sheeran your time is up.

Vigo Daft? You bet your f***** life we are.