“Everybody be cool this is a robbery, any of you f****** pr***s move and I’ll execute ever motherf****** last one of you.

Don’t worry GlasgowLiving hasn’t suddenly decided to embrace a life of crime, and none of you are actually our hostages. Those of a certain age, will remember this as being the first time they discovered Jazz, Rap, Hip Hop, Funk legends Fun Lovin Criminals.

Sampling dialogue from Quentin Tarantino’s most famous movies (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs) the New York based band, exploded onto the airwaves with “Come Find Yourself” their debut album. Eventually peaking at no.7 in the UK charts, the band continued to taste success with further releases from their groundbreaking album. Peaking in 1997, the band opened for U2 during their PopMart tour.

With the modern classic now approaching its 20 year anniversary (jeez that makes us feel old), the band are celebrating by re releasing the album through Demon Records, but rather than a rehash of the same album it’s being released as a three disc collectors edition, with live recordings, alternate mixes and instrumentals celebrating an album that went multi platinum and remained in the charts for more than 100 weeks.

Accompanying the re-release the band are touring Britain and Saturday February 27th sees the party loving trio appearing at the legendary Barrowlands.

We sat down with original member and lead guitarist Fast, to chat about the album, the tour, why people should fear Scottish mothers and everything in between.

What’s your memories of the Scottish crowd? “Glasgow Barrowlands, wow what a crowd”, laughed the relaxed guitarist. “With a Scottish audience you’re always guaranteed to make lifelong friends, you guys are so passionate and proud, you make us feel like we’re part of the Scottish family.”

With the gig taking place on a Saturday night, the Barrowlands and the band can definitely expect a raucous reception, “Yeah man we wanted to bring the party to Glasgow this time, knowing you’ve got work the next day stops an audience really enjoying themselves”, he said, sounding as if he was speaking from experience, “Thursdays aren’t so bad, you’re kind of proud of your hangover if you hit a gig on a Thursday, but at the weekend you can really let go.”

“I heard you guys have Five Guys here now as well”, well that’s Sunday’s hangover sorted, “added the Fun Lovin guitarist.

If the album wasn’t approaching its twentieth anniversary and instead released today, it’s hard to imagine in our modern day, highly manufactured, sound and image conscious market, a record label being brave enough to back it, “yeah the industry is so controlled these days, said Fast, “we were just three guys, who loved making music, every style, you couldn’t package us into one box. EMI at the time were amazing, they just let us do our own thing.”

Fast continued, “that’s why we love Demon Records, they could have just re-released the same album, but the fans deserve more than that, they’ve included songs, mixes and instrumentals that no-ones heard before, collectors edition is said too easily these days, but this is something else, a treat for the fans.”

Do you have any other memories when you reminisce about performing in Glasgow? “Aw yeah man, Alan McLoud, he always made us feel at home, he’s more than just a local legend, he’s a legend everywhere.”

“Oh and one more thing we learned spending time here, never f*** with a Scottish mum.” chuckled the legendary guitarist. “Scottish guys are known across the world not to be f***** with, but the only person they’re genuinely scared of? Their mum. What does that tell you?”

Fun Lovin Criminals are set to appear at the Barrowlands 27th Feb and the album is being released on 19th February. Don’t miss it.

Many thanks to Fast and the band. We wish you all the best for the upcoming tour and album.