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At around 11 pm on Sunday night, Glasgow Green pulled the curtain down on cracking weekend as TRNSMT festival came to a climactic close. The dedicated from far and wide piled through the gates on Friday afternoon, many of them returned each day, then danced and partied their way through to the Sunday night.

Devoted fans from all over the country enjoyed 3 days of incredible music, with 109 acts performing across 5 stages, including headline slots from Radiohead, Kasabian, Biffy Clyro!

In often typical over-cynical Scottish swagger style there was a considerable amount of speculation surrounding the festival months before the first note was even played. As if it was trying to compete and reach the standards of the long-running T in the Park? We don’t think so! With the no camping element, many punters predicted that the festival would be a flop but the organisers at TRNSMT really did pull it out the bag. The planning and operations from the pouring of pints, (a wee bit dearer than many expected from previous Scottish festivals, but who cared? As we overheard at the bar “When ye’r oot, ye’r oot!”) to the policing and the crowd control, everything was well-organized and astute throughout!

On to the most important thing, the Music…

Friday – Radiohead not getting so Creepy?

IMAGE: Cameron Brisbane

So where to start? Friday really couldn’t have begun any better with the sun shining down on the Green as revellers flocked in their shorts and flowery shirts ready and hyped for a fun and fruit cider filled afternoon! It certainly was the ideal festival weather with the wellies left at home (for today). A strong line up was in store for opening procedures with the likes of Belle & Sebastian and London Grammar gracing the main stage, and music giants Radiohead closing the first day at the festival. Kicking things off early was chart topper Rag’n’Bone Man giving the Weegie faithful some of his well-known hits such as ‘Skin’ and ‘Human’. An ideal jolt supported by a friendly, upbeat atmosphere, all packaged up perfectly in the great Glasgow Green sunshine.


However, the real excitement for GlasgowLiving on Friday was for Thom Yorke and his Radiohead men, but we think we need to revert back to the fact that it was still actually sunny at this point! There must have been a few burnt red heed out there, that’s for sure! But we’re certain the bevvy for many might have taken the sting out of that…literally! After playing a compelling set with a number of their classic tracks, many people were left disappointed when they never played top hit ‘Creep’. Rumour has it the band don’t play this track anymore as they think it’s had its time. Not even for Glasgow? Come on, guys…


After an unanticipated sunny day on Friday, we were greeted on Saturday with…more sun (Aye, two days in a row? We couldn’t believe it either!) Today’s lineup was unquestionably more optimistic than the previous days with mosh pits and moments of madness a certainty throughout the day. London grime royalty Stormzy, The Kooks and Catfish and The Bottlemen all performed on the main stage in the eager build up for arguably the biggest act of the weekend; Kasabian. Almost everyone could tell the crowd were more than getting up for it. Scottish crowds are always the best that’s a FACT and it wouldn’t be complete with a bit of silly behaviour, all in good faith of course. However, we’re sure the wee guy who took a wonder up the pole, FLAGGED a bit of negative attention.

The party atmosphere continued to flow and away from the stages, we couldn’t overlook the Smirnoff House area. A range of DJs playing everything from house to disco with a few surprises in for good measure. This area was consistently busy throughout Saturday and the duration of the festival. A personal highlight for us was watching London’s Monki, dropping some silky beats with things beginning to heat up as the sun shone down on the glory of the Gorbals backdrop.

To be fair, if you had to pick an area with the most questionable dancing, you don’t need to look any further!

Back at the main stage, the crowd were getting increasingly rowdy chanting the ever frustrating cult ‘classic’ ‘here we, here we, here we f****ng go’. Regardless of what you say it wouldn’t be Glasgow without it!!!

As lead singer Tom Meighan welcomed us with ‘How are you doing you crazy Jocks?’ Followed by an eruption from the sold out crowd. A rip-roaring set followed from the guys sending the faithful home with ‘Fire’. If you missed it, here is their full set below. Have a look around 1:08:50 in…PYRO Party!!!

We aren’t done yet, we still have a full day to go!

Biffy, Biffy, Biffy F***** Clyro was the chants from the crowd on Sunday night! However, as expected the festival gods decided to flick his switch and descend the rain down on Glasgow Green. The wellies were well and truly out and the sludge was rife for the Glasgow punters, but we can assure you it didn’t dampen the positive and upbeat atmosphere created throughout the weekend. It was sun specs swapping for waterproofs or maybe just both kept on, but no one seemed to care!

Looking away from the main stage again, the two smaller areas of the festival attracted a substantial level of interest from punters which showcased the appreciation for the up and coming and smaller outfits! The Jack Rocks stage was a huge success with the like of Medicine Men playing their hearts out to a capacity enclosure.

However, it was our homegrown Killie buddies Biffy Clyro who ended up stealing the show of the weekend. An exceptional set that everyone most certainly enjoyed and the perfect way to close an unforgettable weekend!



Our one to watch from the TRNSMT festival Fiesta was Glasgow’s own Gerry Cinnamon. As a Castlemilk lad, our main man Gerry had the crowd rocking during his performance on Saturday afternoon. Bringing a mix of sounds Mr Cinnamon certainly caught the eye of us here at Glasgow Living and we think he’s one to watch for the future. After all, he is one of our own!

So there you have it, TRNSMT closes its doors for the first time but it certainly won’t be the last.

FESTIVAL DIRECTOR, GEOFF ELLIS: “The first ever TRNSMT festival has exceeded all our expectations. With 120,000 music fans enjoying sets from headliners Radiohead, Kasabian, and Biffy Clyro in Glasgow Green, it’s been a truly amazing weekend with an electric atmosphere come rain or shine. Thankfully, the sun shone for most of the weekend but with an incredible energy around TRNSMT the weather didn’t matter Thank you, everyone!”

Just like music to our ears, the festival organisers have just announced TRNSMT will be back next year running from the 6th-8th of July which is excellent news for us all, we can’t wait!! Tickets are on sale now for next year’s festival, don’t hang around as they won’t be about for long See you all next year!

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***Words By Joshua Kane***