We all get that urge once in a while. We browse around online looking at flashy expensive cars way out of our budget. Something that only would be achievable if we were willing to work 12 hours a day 7 days a week for years. Perhaps we could remortgage the house? No maybe this isn’t sensible but non the less doing some window shopping online can’t hurt. Especially as we spend day after day indoors avoiding social contact. The urge to imagine yourself flying down a country road in a Lamborghini with the top down, the sun blazing in the sky and nothing but the open road in front of you.

With that in mind we’ve selected the 5 hottest cars of 2020 for you to faun over and slip into a daydream of what life might be like, if only we hand the money…

2021 Chevrolet Camaro

The Chevy Camaro is a classic both in the traditional sense as well as in the modern day sense. For decades now it’s been a go to for muscle car enthusiasts and this year as if it wasn’t awesome enough already, Chevrolet has added several new features to keep the car up to date with the needs of 2021. The in-car Apple Carplay and Auto Android are now completely wireless. The color palettes are also tweaked for much bolder & more exciting choices.


The transmission also received a few changes which can be seen in the Camaro’s SS 1LE model.  Previously a six-speed manual transmission, it now comes with a 10-speed automatic. This might put off some who love a good old fashioned stick-shift but there’s plenty to love with a 10 speed auto. We don’t know about pricing yet, but we imagine it’ll be more than the Toyota we’re sporting at the moment.

2021 Dodge Challenger

Ok we promise this isn’t just going to be all muscle cars but if we mention the Camaro then we have to give the Challenger a shout out (sorry Mustang fans we’ll give you some love another day). After all, is it possible to be a car enthusiast and not get nostalgic when it comes to the Challenger?

Apparently there isn’t a huge leap for the Challenger’s 2021 version, but as usual we expect that this magnificent piece of machinery has a variety of engines to offer for many budgets. The interior as always appears to be comfy, spacious, and stylish. It’s also probably the most practical car on this list even though it remains competitive in terms of horsepower. Estimates for the latest Dodge Challenger’s price seem to be somewhere between $28,000 to $77,000.


McLaren 720S

McLaren have been effortlessly bringing their F1 pedigree to the consumer market for several years now and the 720S appears to be no exception. Over engineered to the max, incredibly powerful yet nimble as well as being a smooth ride for day to day use thanks to its soft hydraulic suspension. We just don’t know how McLaren does it. Pound for Pound they may be the greatest car manufacturers in the world considering they’ve yet to make anything that isn’t jaw droppingly amazing Their streak of perfection may be down to not having the long history of some of their other major European rivals but that still doesn’t change the fact that McLaren are right now the best. The 720S only adds to that already grand statement.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Mad and bad like every other Aventador before it, the SVJ looks like it belongs in a scifi movie (even more so than most other Lamborghinis). In many ways, the Aventador is a terrible car. And yet, on the right road or on a track, it’s an intense, unforgettable experience. One that you’ll likely never grow tired of. It’s incredibly aggressive and will keep you on your toes, every time you step into it. And yes, that 759bhp V12 it is…well…we can’t find the words. Perhaps it’s best just to use a famous Italian hand gesture, so you’ll just have to imagine us putting the tips of our fingers on our thumb then kissing them as if to toast a delicious home cooked meal.


Ferrari F8 Tributo

Well it’s a Ferrari isn’t it? Do we have to say much more? If we’re talking about dream cars Ferrari is usually the first thing that pops into peoples heads. We’re going to just leave you with the image above for your daydream. Isn’t she pretty?…zzz