From doughnuts, cakes, slushes, churros, waffles and chocolate, it’s safe to say that Glasgow has plenty of dessert stores to cure that sugar craving and satisfy your sweet tooth.

It’s probably safe to say that majority of you will already have your dessert bar of choice and aren’t willing to accept anything less, no matter what anyone thinks of your scoop, slab, slush or sweet of choice.

Well, perhaps this one is worth trying.

Most will be familiar with RaceTrack Pitstop within the BP Garage on Paisley Road West, the home of every flavour of slush imaginable that lets you fill up your cup with as many flavours you like; it tends to be at its busiest around lunchtime on a Sunday as for many it is a hangover cure from heaven.

Well, RaceTrack Pitstop has had a makeover and a rebrand! Tubbees Slushie will still serve their main attraction, the endless flavours of slush, but it is also serving up a new unique dessert.

Ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. Yup, you heard that right!

It’s the first place in Glasgow to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen, allow you to see base ice cream ingredients turn into ice cream in front of your eyes. Now the showmanship is not the primary aim here, although it is pretty cool to see, making ice cream this way produces fewer crystals and freezes faster, creating denser and creamier ice cream.

If you’re still going to Tubbees just for your hangover slush, we can’t stress how much you should try their liquid nitrogen ice cream.