Popcorn? Check. 3-D glasses? Check. Europe’s first luxury cinema? Check!

Having gifted movie buffs across the UK with the latest Hollywood releases, entertaining first dates and family outings alike with the raucous delights of superhero fights, ODEON are set to up their game and bring Europe’s first ever luxe cinema to our home turf in East Kilbride.

Launching Thursday, October 12th, ODEON’s lavish makeover will become fully reclining for you to kick back and relax on one of their 652 luxurious handmade leather reclining seats across a whopping nine upgraded screens. Not only will you be able to bask in the comfort of these spacious thrones, complete with increased legroom and retractable trays, but you’ll also get to munch down a whole range of new and tasty food and drink options, including classics such as freshly popped popcorn and hot dogs to fries and nachos. You can also slurp down over 100 different flavours from the Coke Freestyle machine and Tango Ice Blasts from the self-service machines. Keen for a tipple or two? The Oscar’s drinks point will be serving a delicious array of alcoholic beverages too.

Image: ODEON

As well as nine upgraded screens, the cinema will see tech rejuvenation across the board to enhance viewer experience, with the crème de la crème of cinema quality, sound and definition. Its 104-seat ISENSE screen with 4K projection and Dolby ATMOS sound will be boomed through 51 brand spanking new speakers, forging an innovative, colossal movie experience bound to sweep any film fanatic clean off their feet.

At ODEON East Kilbride it’s clearly all about that bass since there’ll also be 185 new speakers across all auditoriums, with all standard screens now packing Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound and improved picture quality through enlarged screens throughout. And if you’re the type to get cheesed off by loud or fidgety fellow cinema-goers, then you’ll be pleased to know that a new in-screen lighting system will be installed, designed to minimise distraction and maximise entertainment. For those who are hard of hearing, the Dolby Fidelio Audio Description system and Hearing-Impaired loops will also be available across all screens.

Partial to the odd discount and promo? Who isn’t! As well as usual retail options, cinema-goers can also get their hands on promotions and discounted screenings including ODEON Kids, ODEON Newbies, ODEON Silver Cinema & ODEON Screen Unseen – as well as being able to take advantage of ODEON’s Limitless cards and ODEON Première Club loyalty scheme.

Some of the most highly anticipated movies that will be shown at ODEON East Kilbride include Murder on the Orient Express (November 3rd) Paddington 2 (November 10th) Justice League (November 17th) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi (December 14th).


TLDR? Highlights of the newly renovated ODEON East Kilbride:

  • 652 luxurious handmade leather reclining seats
  • A 104-seat ISENSE screen with 4K projection and Dolby ATMOS sound for ultra-high definition cinema
  • Brand new state of the art surround sound speakers
  • Renovated foyer, seating and toilets
  • New and delicious food and drink options, as well as alcoholic treats from the Oscar’s drinks point
  • Heaps of promos and discounts
  • The latest and best movie releases all year round

Psyched for these upcoming screenings and ODEON’s luxury makeover? Book tickets or get more info on offers here.