BBC are looking for Glaswegians to join a new dating show!

It’s been another summer of rushing to the sofa with snacks at 9PM and making sure the TV is switched to ITV 2, but now that it’s all over, how can we get our Love Island fix?

Well, it’s not on a beach, it’s probably not even going to be outside of Scotland, but it is a dating show with Scottish people! #PassThePopcorn

BBC producers are calling on the singletons of Glasgow and offering them the chance to find love, but it does have a catch. If you’re interested in applying to the show, then you better warm up those vocal cords.

The ad for the show mentions that the bygone days of traditional dating are gone, and the current generation uses “likes” and “swipes” as a means of meeting someone. The show aims to go back to the glory days and find people to date with the most open of ice-breaker, singing!

The show hopes to find 150 – 200 people that are single and like to sing. Unlike Love Island there are no rules on gender or sexuality, you just need a voice and a passion to find someone the old fashioned way, through the spontaneity and someone learning your personality.

The producers believe that the show will give people the chance of finding a meaningful date and will be a unique way of allowing the contestants to share their voices with the entire country.

It’s time for Anton’s mum to move over, her rap is about to be overshadowed by the voices of Scottish singletons. Like his mum, however, you don’t have to be a professional singer to get yourself on the show, all you need is the ability to sing for the potential future love of your life, imagine the wedding story!

If Tinder isn’t cutting it anymore and you think you’ve got the x-factor you can email [email protected] to apply.