Watches have been strangely out of fashion for the past decade or so. The dawn of smartphones means that the average young person today no longer really requires a watch as little more that a fashion accessory. That’s been changing in recent years thanks to the increasing popularity of smartwatches. Why take your phone out of your pocket when you can just check your watch?

One thing that has never changed though is the importance and prestige of the luxury watch. Incredible works of craftsmanship that adorn the well to do. Nothing says you’ve made it in life like a good Rolex wrapped around your wrist. That’s not to say that luxury watches are only for the rich and the famous. A good watch from a historic brand is often also a solid investment. Not only is it a practical fashion accessory and a statement piece. It often only increases in value throughout it’s life. Indeed it is a much more sensible splashing of your hard earned cash than say a shiny new cutting edge television or expensive clothing which will only depreciate in value rapidly as technology advances or as fashions change.

With that in mind here’s 4 top quality luxury watches that most people can afford if they’re looking to invest in one of the essential items a every man should own.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36

Well where else were we going to start? A Rolex is a serious investment. And thus, a serious watch. Though for all the commanding influence the industry’s leading brand exudes the Oyster series gives of a more light-hearted toned down appearance while still keeping all the style and build quality that make a Rolex a Rolex.

Quietly released just a couple of months ago, a tangerine dial on chrome steel is that the off-duty Rolex collectors have long dreamt about, and better yet, it’s no solo act: the Oyster Perpetual 36 sits within a bigger collection of 5 watches in reminder candyfloss pink, forest green, sky blue and blood red.


Breitling Premier Bentley Mulliner Limited Edition

If you like the idea of killing two luxury brands with one stone then how about Breitling’s exquisite collaboration with Bentley? Much more subtle than other crossover limited edition luxury watches the Breitling is timeless and reserved.

Breitling and Bentley have been partnered not for 19 years, ever since Breitling made the clocks for Bentley’s Continental GTs back in 2002. It’s the longest running partnership between a luxury watch and luxury car manufacturer. Only 100 are being manufactured so you might not be lucky enough to get your hands on one but this isn’t the first limited edition Bentley Breitling and it won’t be the last. Look out for new releases on the horizon.

Tag Heuer Monaco 39mm

Now for something slightly different. Some people prefer the look of a square watch face and goodness do Tag Heuer know how to make it look good.  It is a shame that Tag Heuer’s Monaco was decommissioned for around 20 years. But following a re-release in 1998, it’s slowly become one among the watchmaker’s most popular pieces. In 2020, they’ve managed to enhance it still. As a part of a trio that made slight amendments to the present Monaco model, a black dial on black leather is as on the brink of dress watch territory as a racing watch can park and better yet, the in-house Heuer 02 movement has enough juice for over 80 hours of action.