Glasgow is a spectacular city, if you ask a Glaswegian, what their fondest, earliest or longest lasting memory of the city they grew up in, each individual will answer something completely different, welcoming to all, strong, resilient but equally fierce.

Come with us as we take a look back at Glasgow during the decade of the 1970’s.

London Road, April 1973

1970's Glasgow East of the Cross

Glasgow Cross Station, April 1973

Glasgow Cross Station April 1973

Fourways, Abercromby Street, Gallowgate

Fourways Gallowgate 1970's

Peggy Seaton, George Square


Bill Keys, Society of Graphical Allied Trade Protest

Bill Keys Protest

Charing Cross 1978

Charing cross gordon street

Tenement Life, 1970’s

Andy "Ozzy" Oswald, Blackhill, Glasgow

Govanhill Bar 1970’s

Govanhill bar 1970's

Tony Benn & UCS Stewards, 1971

Tony Benn UCS Stewards Glasgow

Billy Connolly, Glasgow Apollo, September 1975

Apollo 1975

Glasgow Shipyards “Work In” Protest, 1971

UCS Shipyard

George Johnston, 16th October 1971

Tongs yA bAS

Parliamentary Road, Sauchiehall Street, September 1976

Parliamentary Road Sauchiehall Street September 1976

Coia’s Cafe, Duke Street, September 1977

Coai's Cafe Duke Street September 1977

The Fruitmarket, Bell Street, Merchant City, August 1975

The Fruitmarket Bell Street Merchant City aUGUST 1975

Sighthill & Pinkston Power Station, May 1972

Sighthill & Pinkston Power Station Cooling May 1972Station Tower

Cathcart Road, June 1975

Cathcart Road June 1975