Glasgow plays host to some of the best and most interesting festivals in the world. It makes sense, after all…we love nothing more than good music, a bevvy and a dance! On Saturday an exciting newbie creeps into town as we get “mad wi…the dead!?”  That’s right, unadulterated partying and debauchery with everything skull and underworld themed.


Festival of The Dead has already taken the UK by storm, heading to Manchester this week as well as Belfast, and London. This coming Saturday, May 20th at the Glasgow O2 Academy in the Southside expect giant skulls, acrobats, circus performers as well as live music and DJ’s for one night only.

Ahead of the Scottish debut for such underground festivities, we caught up with the Heed of The Deed, Nathan Reed (Mega Events Managing Director)


Why did you start Mega Events up? What’s it’s mission?

The want to organise events came very naturally to me at school and it’s pretty much all I’ve done since, starting the company when I was 18. Coming up with the ideas and making them reality is especially rewarding. Now that these concepts have come to life and are growing at a rapid rate, I’m excited for what lies ahead. The mission is to be the biggest events company in the UK.

Tell us about your team?

I have a talented core team that have really grown with MEGA from a grass roots level. Everyone started with no experience and they’re now some of the best in the game in my opinion. We’re a very close-knit family and there is a strong work ethic and working environment within the office.

What lies ahead for Mega Events?

There are really two sides for MEGA; our touring event brands which do about 140,000 ticket sales per year and our international metro-festival model, which is going to hit about 14,000 people between Amsterdam, Budapest and Barcelona in the coming 12 months. We’re pushing to expand by 50% in the next year with some really exciting concepts up our sleeve.

It looks like you’ve smashed Europe, would you ever take it Stateside?

This has definitely crossed my mind many a time. Taking events over there would be a dream come true. However, this may not be for a couple of years yet as conquering Europe and the UK is the main priority for now.

Where did the idea for FOTD come from?

This idea came to me in summer 2016 and within its first year it will have visited 20 cities, so suffice to say it surpassed all of our expectations and we’re really happy with it. Ben Duncan, the manager for the show has been instrumental.


Tell us what them Glasgow lot can expect from the night?

Yes! Glasgow has been our quickest selling city by far and we can’t wait to show the people of Glasgow our unique blend of carnival, circus, theatre and unadulterated partying.  


What do you think the Weegies can add to the Festival?

We’re very excited to see the level of energy that Glasgow has to offer. As the majority of those who come to party at Festival of The Dead are in fancy dress, the people themselves are part of the content at the show. It’s a great atmosphere!


What kind of music should the crowd expect?

You can expect a range of house, bass and grime, all with a Latin twist.

Should Glasgow keep its eyes peeled for any other Mega Event specialities?

Yes, Festival of The Dead will definitely be returning to Glasgow and our Festival of Light show should be making an appearance in the next 6months. 

Hypothetically speaking, You have the chance to have any lineup of bands and DJ’s you want at an all-day music event – the bands or DJ’s can be past and present in any location you wish. Where would this be, who would the artists or DJ’s be and what would be the running order of the day? 

Hypothetically speaking, a festival in the desert, perhaps on the edge of the Sahara would be a dream! Our residents Felon, Jay Nino, Dosage, Apexape, Josh Parkinson, Skeleton Boys and Alphabet Pony would all be in the lineup!


We noticed the disclaimer on the Facebook event with reference to Dia de Los Muertos. Do you get a lot of heat from people who have religious interest and have you had to explain it’s more party and festival vibes with no offence intended?

Yes, we clearly state that this event has no significant religious meaning. Our videos give a great insight as to what the event is truly about.

“Be prepared to have your mind bended ” – do you ever end up dreaming about some the stuff you witness in rehearsals or the live shows, haha, In fact, do you even sleep at all :)?

I barely sleep, but I do daydream…  

The dress code – go sugar skull daft! There’ll be professional skull face painters on hand to help so no need to sign up for that MUA course quite yet. Expect, pinatas, confetti and artsy skull attire, the perfect mix for a cracking night out.