Glasgow plays host to some of the best and most interesting festivals in the world. It makes sense, after all… we love nothing more than good music, a bevy and a dance!

This year an exciting newbie has been added to the roster and it’s like no other that’s been before Keep the 20th of May free as we get “mad wi…the dead!?”  That’s right, unadulterated partying and debauchery with everything skull and underworld themed.

Expect, giant skulls, acrobats, circus performers  as well as live music and DJ’s for one night only. Festival of The Dead is taking the UK by storm, heading to Manchester this week as well as Belfast, London and of course not forgetting Glasgow in the near future!

Fatsoma, the online ticket vendor for Festival of the Dead says that it is “infusing elements of carnival, circus, theatre and unadulterated partying”.


The dress code – go sugar skull daft! There’ll be professional skull face painters on hand to help so no need to sign up for that MUA course quite yet. Expect, pinatas, confetti and artsy skull attire, the perfect mix for a cracking night out.

Here’s all the details you need to grab that ticket:

20th May
02 Academy Glasgow