Now and again we like to invite a special guest writer to join us here at GlasgowLiving. For this special feature, we’ve got Amanda from Southern California AKA “Hot Mama” a busy working mama, who understands the importance of taking time out to enjoy life. Always ready for an adventure, this is one lady who will not hesitate to pack up, move on and get right involved! HotMamaTravel are a “family travel blog that aims to inspire families of all types to travel frequently and affordably.” They constantly provide destination guides, travel tips, and money-saving hacks. They hope by sharing their stories that other families can live their travel dreams!

Here, Amanda shares 10 strange  (but true) facts about Glasgow…


By now it is no secret that this family likes our libations, so it will come as no surprise that we were stoked to be visiting the land of Scotch and beer. Shockingly, Glasgow has recently enforced some strict liquor licensing laws. So what does this mean for you? Well, if you are traveling with kids, you can’t be in some establishments after 8:00pm if alcohol is still being served. Some restaurants don’t serve alcohol after 8:00pm, which means kids can stay. You can’t purchase alcohol at markets or liquor stores after 10:00pm. In pubs last call is 11:00pm and pubs close at midnight. We learned about these laws the hard way the first two days, which you can read about in related about in my Hot Mama Diaries or our Ultimate Guide.



As a bartender and frequent restaurant diner, I was really surprised by Glasgow’s dinning culture. Most places are quick to drop a tab and turn over the table as quickly as possible, but in Glasgow we would sit forever and never get a tab brought to the table until we asked. This happened over and over again, making us realize that you actually have to ask for your check. It was kind of nice to not feel rushed.

As for tipping, have some cash on hand. Although you can tip on your credit card, they prefer cash tips to avoid extra taxes. If you do plan on tipping on your card, be sure to tell them before they run the card, otherwise tab will close without the option to leave a tip. Unlike the U.S, where people live and work for their tip, the UK is definitely more relaxed. The tipping recommendation in the UK is 10%. Like I said, I am a bartender in the U.S and tips are my income, so I have strong feelings about tipping well.

Even in the UK I’m dropping at least 20%. So, if they ran my card without the opportunity to leave a tip I was running around the corner to the nearest ATM to grab some cash.



My best travel rewards and biggest credit limit are on my AMEX card, which is why I LOVE to use it while I am traveling. But there is a catch. AMEX is not widely accepted. Apparently AMEX charges establishments a fee to run their cards. In the UK is it hard to find places that will accept AMEX, so bring backup. Fortunately, Glasgow was pretty good about taking AMEX. Smaller establishments probably won’t, but many of the larger restaurants and pubs did accept my card.


I’m from Southern California and if you don’t have a car, you are pretty much screwed. I absolutely LOVED the public transportation in Glasgow. I had so much freedom!! Cabs are just lined up waiting to take you wherever you want to go and if you call they show up right away. The Subway and trains run like clockwork! Best part? I was able to maneuver around this big city with my kids with ease! Glasgow’s public transportation is clean, inexpensive and efficient.



Many places I’ve traveled, you can’t drink the tap water or you will get sick. Even where I live in California, the tap water has a nasty chlorine taste. Blah!! I was told by my Glaswegian friends that the tap water is delicious. “Wait until you brush your teeth,” they said. Well, they weren’t lying! The tap water is amazing! Cold and fresh, I would guzzle that tap water down every night.


Did you know that there is a bit of a rivalry between the cities? Is Glasgow friendly and creative or tacky and scruffy? Is Edinburgh snooty and boring or sophisticated? I guess that is for you to decided. When you visit you will notice snarky comments made about either city, depending on where you are visiting. It is kind of funny. For instance, a popular quote you’ll hear is, “The best thing out of Edinburgh is the train back to Glasgow.”Although both cities are amazing, I have to say I felt more comfortable in Glasgow. I found the city well organized, easier to get around and less touristy. They have culture, art, music, university, museums, amazing restaurants and awesome people!



Glasgow has a pretty rough past, which plays into the opinions of the Edinburgh/Glasgow rivalry. For years, Glasgow functioned as an industrial center where factories and shipbuilding took place, making for a pretty dirty place. Soot covered many of the buildings for years. When many of the industries went out of business in the 1970’s the city experienced many issues, including poverty and high crime rates. Glasgow was once voted the most violent city in the UK! Now things are totally turned around. Industry is back; the city is clean and thriving, and it was even voted the friendliest city in the world!


Bringing me to the next point: the people in Glasgow are fantastic! I stayed in Glasgow for some time and can say from experience that Glaswegians are very friendly. If you ask where something is, they won’t just give you directions and wave you away. They go above and beyond to help. I had a man walk me around the corner to physically show me where to catch a cab. I had a server, even after her shift, call the cab service for me and wait until the cab arrived to make sure I didn’t need anything else. Everybody felt like a family member, happy to really get to know you.


I never really go to museums, but Scotland rains…a lot and the kids and I needed some inside activities to do while in Glasgow. Always on a budget, I had to be careful of spending too much every day. Luckily of us, most museums in Glasgow are FREE. We got to see so many amazing things, because we had the freedom of just wandering in and out of a number of museums. The kids loved it, because many of the museums were interactive, like the Riverside Museum and People’s Palace. When in Glasgow, definitely make time for museum hoping. It is fun, fascinating and FREE!



Amazing Indian food in Scotland? Yes. Glasgow in general has fantastic food! Every restaurant was better than the next. However, fabulous Indian restaurants specifically, are abundant in Glasgow. Ashoka, The Wee Curry Shop and Mother India are just some to name a few. There is literally an Indian restaurant around every corner in Glasgow…more than Starbucks! Not sure why it is so popular in Glasgow, but it has a long history in the city.


In fact, did you know that Chicken Tikka Masala was invented in Glasgow, not India??? If you want the best Indian cuisine, then go to Glasgow.




Well, I hope you found these little tidbits interesting and helpful! If you have any fun facts that you would like to add, please do so in the comments!!! You can check out more of Amanda’s Glasgow and Global adverntures over on her HotMamaTravel Blog…

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