As Glaswegian’s we can be pretty biased towards our city, believing it’s the best city in the world. However, there are maybe a few little tweaks that could be made to make it even better! Here is seven things we are wishing for in 2017…

1. An extended Subway route

GlasgowLiving, subway
Image: Youtube

Yes, we love our wee subway and it’s whole 15 stops. But if you compare it to the metro and underground stations in the likes of London and Paris, it doesn’t compare. Imagine, hopping on a subway in East Kilbride and getting to the city centre, without any traffic! Okay this might be asking for a bit much, but while we are on the topic of the Subway, let’s allow the dogs on! Blogger ‘Forever Yours, Betty’ has started a petition to allow our furry friends to travel with us. Check it out, here.

2. Better weather

Glasgowliving, glasgow, clyde armadillo
Image: Pixabay

Again, we might be asking for a bit much but all we request is a little more sun and a little less rain! PLEASE!

3. An inflatable water park

Glasgowliving, inflatables
Image: Pixabay

If we were granted our wish for good weather, a water park wouldn’t go amiss!

4. Extended alcohol licence in supermarkets and clubs

GlasgowLiving, beer, bottles of beer, peroni
Image: Pixabay

Imagine being able to buy booze after 10pm and not have to run about Tesco like it’s Supermarket Sweep for your carryout. Or to stay out until 6am like we do on holiday in Spain etc. Meanwhile on the continent…

5. Cycle lanes everywhere

GlasgowLiving, bike, cyclist, car
Image: Pixabay

Motorists and cyclists would have a much more harmonious relationship if cyclists had their own lane and motorists had theirs. Many more people would cycle if they knew it was safe and not run the risk of being hit by a car.

6. No more burger joints

Glasgowliving, burger, chips
Image: Pixabay

As much as we loved the ‘Burger Strip’ on St Vincent Street, most of us are scunnered with burgers now.

7. Monday’s off after every Old Firm game

picmonkey-collageDoes this need an explanation?