Brunch is the perfect meal. Part breakfast, part lunch, part who cares what time it is anyway, I need eggs and a Bloody Mary STAT. Despite this fact, every brunch and every time you choose to eat it are different. We’ve put together a handy guide to match your particular emotional need to the Glasgow brunch place that will suit you, whether you prefer your eggs sunny side up, easy over, miraculously veganised or swapped for bacon, just more bacon please and thanks.

I’m feeling … like I don’t want to check my bank balance after last night

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Brunch Spot? The Sparkle Horse!

Image – The Sparkle Horse Facebook

This is particularly relevant if you happen to wake up feeling like an empty, aching, regretful shell on a weekday (students. we know this is you). The wonderful Sparkle Horse serves up a lunch menu with certain dishes for just 5-6 pounds midweek, or two courses for 12.50 on the weekends. Their mozzarella sticks are better than Maccy D’s. Yep, I went there. You should, too.

I’m feeling … vegan (and can confirm no animals were harmed in the creation of this hangover)

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Brunch Spot? The Thirteenth Note!

Image: Thirteenth Note Facebook

Or at least you will be feeling vegan once you’ve seen the brunch menu at 13th Note. The huevos mexicanos is a feat to be eaten to be believed.

I’m feeling … so fresh I could even go an ice-cream after brunch an’ all


Brunch Spot? Coia’s!

Image: Coia’s Facebook

Spoiler – if you’re feeling this cocky after a night out then you are probably still drunk. Give it half an hour, and the only thing that will save you is the legendary Coia’s breakfast followed by a sundae to rule all sundaes – all the brunch favourites are here and some have been given a special Italian twist.

I’m feeling … like a great coffee will solve all my problems (and brunch will be the cherry on top)

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Brunch Spot? River Hill!

Image: Riverhill Facebook

If you function best on a proper artisan hit of caffeine then get yourself along to River Hill for a delicious coffee, then allow the brunch menu to tickle your fancy. Local produce and careful crafting of the menu mean that this is a spot for those who might be a little delicate, but would never dream of looking it. Sunglasses out, lads.

I’m feeling … too hungover and emotional to ever make a decision again/no adulting today

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Brunch spot? Cup!

Image: Cup Facebook

A Cup slider is the indecisive hangover dream – why get yourself stressed staring at a menu of lovely things and feeling fairly sure that the rest of your life (or at least, your hangover) depends on this decision, when you can have mini eggs benedict, sausage roll and bacon butty all on one plate? Keep calm, and brunch it out.

I’m feeling … like this devilish hangover is going to need an extra special cure

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Brunch spot? Devils Deli!

Image: Devils Deli Facebook

The Devils Deli menu is small and perfectly formed – and on a sunny morning doomed by a hangover when a sit-down meal feels out of the question – grab a sandwich to go, sit on the grass in the park opposite and munch away til you can see the light again.

I’m feeling … like I need hair of the dog to get me through. Both animal and alcohol. Bring me puppies and booze, please.

Image: Buzzfeed (via the Hollywood Gossip)

Brunch spot? The Bungo!

We were going to put up a pic of the food, and then we saw this. (Image: The Bungo Facebook)

The Bungo is not the only brunch spot on our list to welcome pups (hiya Sparkle Horse) but they have the best rate of cute puppy pics on Facebook, and if a Bloody Mary doesn’t get you going, then we reckon that the boozy Breakfast Martini will do the trick.

Which Glasgow brunch spot always cures your hangover? Let us know in the comments!