Christmas is coming up fast and if you prefer (or have no other option than) to follow a restricted diet*, then best get ready for a whole lot of people handing you glasses of wine or beer which may or may not be vegan and awkwardly holding it and looking happy until you find a safe spot to pop it down without insulting anyone. Jokes aside, vegans and celiacs know how to have just as much fun as the next person at christmas, it just means getting a little bit inventive with the restaurant choice or dinner party recipes! We’ve researched local restaurants and bloggers to find you plenty of options for eating out, fast food and cooking at home this christmas. Whether you’re a new vegan, a long-established gluten avoider or a carnivore expecting some herbivores for christmas dinner (guests – not prey) then do have a look at our brief foray into the world of Weegie Vegans and Gluten-Free Glaswegians.

*we know that there are many more diets out there than just vegan and gluten free, and that the two are generally followed for very different reasons. We’re just trying to fill the world with more festive cheer. We promise to devote more articles to each individually very soon!


Entirely Vegan (for those who prefer not to eat at places which serve meat): EV

Vegan options: VV

Gluten-Free menu/options: GF

Julie’s Street Kitchen (VV/GF)

We LOVE the look of this - Corn Fritters which are naturally GF and vegan. Image from Julie's Street Kitchen Facebook
We LOVE the look of this – Corn Fritters which are naturally GF and vegan. Image from Julie’s Street Kitchen Facebook

Spotted Julie kicking up a storm with Jimmy on STV’s Hot Woks recently? Some of their recipes can be found here, and be made gluten-free or vegan by leaving out a few ingredients. Otherwise, why not take a last minute shopping break and visit Julie’s Kitchen up in Buchanan Galleries? After three hours of deliberating what to get that friend who doesn’t want anything, a tasty, quick and super portable Malaysian street dish is just the thing to set you up for the wrapping.

Saramago (EV/GF)

When the herbivore says they brought the hummus, always hoping it means this. Image - CCA Glasgow Website
When the herbivore says they brought the hummus, always hoping it means this. Image – CCA Glasgow Website

Need a break from the shops? Have a cultural day at the CCA and visit the magically spacious and leafy Saramago café. Their (unofficial) motto is all vegan everything so you can expect some adventurous meals and a menu full of choice. They have gluten free options, too. Check out their menu here.

Dakhin (GF/VV)

Image - Dakhin Website
Image – Dakhin Website

Looking for an upmarket eatery for a Christmas dinner date, but worried about the pesky gluten sneaking onto your plate and ruining it? Treat yourself to a visit to an establishment which takes GF dining to the next level. Dakhin in the Merchant City serves South Indian cuisine without a hint of gluten in sight. Trained yourself to look past the word ‘bread’? Dessert menus a thing of the past since you went GF? Think again. Everything here is ready for you. Their veggie menu also has plenty of options suitable for vegans, but check as always, just to be sure.

BLOGGER RECIPE – Gluten Free Cuppa Tea (VV/GF)

Yep, that’s right. VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE Ferrero Rocher. How perfect is this to make up a batch, pop them in cute boxes and put a big smile on any celiac’s face? Check out the rest of this fantastic blog for lots more inspo (link in heading).

West on the Corner (GF)

Image: West on the Corner Website

Looking for something a little less spicy and a bit more ‘traditional christmas market’ vibe? West Brewery on the Green is a great spacious spot for a crowd but we also love the West End’s West on the Corner. Self-described as a wee corner of Bavaria, the menu is clearly marked with lots of GF options. The beers (correct me if I’m wrong!) don’t seem to quite have made the leap to GF yet, but the bar is well stocked so you won’t feel that you’re missing out too much. Cosy down!

The Flying Duck (EV/GF)

This is a Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mousse with Crumble and Vanilla Ice Cream. It's also vegan. Mind: blown. Image: The Flying Duck Facebook
This is a Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mousse with Crumble and Vanilla Ice Cream. It’s also vegan. Mind: blown. Image: The Flying Duck Facebook

Vegans and Celiacs, rejoice and book your Christmas night out with The Flying Duck! Entirely vegan and making a conscious effort with the gluten free, the Duck is the perfect spot to line tummies before an evening of festive revelry. This weekend is also the prime time to pay a visit. The last vegan fete of 2016 will take place, as well as the Alternative Christmas Ceilidh. Have a burl and a burrito full of vegan mac n cheese to celebrate.

Soy Division (EV)


IMAGE: Christmas Roast with cranberries

Got any South-siders starting to feel left out? Soy Division is here! And they have a super amazing offer lined up: a takeaway vegan christmas dinner extravaganza for a luck few on Christmas day itself. Pop into this new Shawlands eatery and see what all the well-deserved hype is about, and here’s the lowdown on the delicious dinners:

Red Onion (EV/GF)

Image: Red Onion Website
Image: Red Onion Website

Another great option for a lovely dinner date or a pre-show (it’s pantomime season after all!) meal. With separate menus for gluten free, vegan and dairy free as well as pre-theatre and set menus, this is a fantastic option for a group with lots of different requirements, the main one being to have a delicious dinner. They also sell gift vouchers, so why not treat someone to their next evening out – and keep you fingers crossed they invite you with them!

BLOGGER RECIPE: Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Pancakes (EV)

Vegan and Fitness blogger Stefanie Moir is officially PETA’s hottest vegan in the UK & Ireland this year. That is pretty awesome. Did we mention she’s a Scot? I’m definitely going to practice a few rounds of these pancakes to treat a vegan friend – how fab would this be for christmas breakfast?

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Pancakes - Image from
Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Pancakes – Image from

Lookit that stack. Get the recipe here.

Rose & Grants (EV/GF)

Vegan Breakfast of Dreams (in a roll). Image: Rose & Grants' Facebook
Vegan Breakfast of Dreams (in a roll). Image: Rose & Grants’ Facebook

Treat yourself to a vegan breakfast with all the trimmings to set yourself up for all the wrapping, or check out the baked goods for some gluten-free delights. The breakfast roll above was lovingly prepared in their Bearsden café, but you can find them on the Trongate in town, too. Got a vegan to buy for and want to get them the gift of delicious, foody choice? Check out their amazing hampers made to make a herbivore very, very happy indeed:

Still want more options? We haven’t even scraped the surface of all the great GF and Vegan dining options in Glasgow! We weren’t named the most vegan-friendly city for nothing, you know.

From 13th Note to the Southside’s Bungo Bar (who have a cracking Christmas menu – check it out here), there’s a lot more to talk about, but we’ll leave it for 2017. Thanks for reading this far, and have a marvellous, delicious Christmas from Glasgow Living!