Cake Bar by Three Sisters Bake is the funkiest new coffee and cake shop in Glasgow!

Fans of the Three Sisters Bake have been hoping for years that they would open a Glasgow store, and now they needn’t hope no more.

Three Sisters Bake launched their first cafe inside the Quarriers Village back in 2011. People travelled far and wide to visit their original cafe and indulge in the tempting treats on offer. Three Sisters Bake also now have a location in Killearn as well as a regular pop up at Platform at Argyle Street Arches.

Finally, Scotland’s famous baking siblings have brought a permanent Glasgow based store to their chain. Little sister brand, Cake Bar, can be found on Great Western Road and is welcomed splash of colour to an otherwise dull area of the West End.

Cake Bar hosts an array of delicious cakes, coffee, ice cream, hot brownies, plus a pic’n’mix wall to tempt your sweet tooth. The combination of geometric decor, neon signage and colourful display of cakes and sweets is definitely worthy of a grid post on your Instagram feed.

“We see Cake Bar as the unruly childish streak of the Three Sister Bake brand – it’s all about having fun!” Gillian Reith, Three Sisters Bake. “Our product line up is inspired by childhood nostalgia. We’ve also got something for those seeking the picture-perfect location with our insta-fabulous wall with neon sign.”

We paid Cake Bar a visit, along with three others since, and agree that it is the most fun anyone can have in such a cute little cake shop. Oat milk flat white and a lemon blondie has become our go-to order of choice so far but the Oreo brownies and pick’ n’ mix wall are definitely strong contenders.

See more from over favourite new cake shop on their website or get yourself along to 401 Great Western Road to try it for yourself!