That’s a chicken pun about Buck’s Bar opening a new store!

Buck’s Bar has become increasingly popular since launching on West Regent Street in 2016.

Famed for its fried chicken, mouth and eye-watering hot sauces and tender, spicy wings have made it a hit with the people of Glasgow.

The current home of Buck’s Bar has been a massive success for its owners, who also own the incredible bar + pizzeria brand, SoHo.

The trendy restaurant/bar offers more than just chicken. Serving up soul food styled sides, cocktails, beers and live rock’n’roll bands and DJ’s throughout the week. They even let you bring your dog along with you!

With all that in mind, it’s no wonder the place is typically busy when you go. Booking a table to tantalise your tastebuds can be quite the challenge; however, their recent social media announcement might make that a little easier.

The announcement shows the bucks team rock up to their, soon to be, new venue on Trongate and flap posters with their catch slogan ‘Chicken, Liquor, Rock’n’Roll’ on the windows.

Already the people of Glasgow have shown their excitement commenting how easier it’ll be to grab a table and tuck into their favourite chicken.

The new Buck’s Bar is set to open in September 2019. Head to their Facebook page to learn more about their excellent food and their new location plans.