There are probably very few things we wouldn’t do in exchange for pizza, so when we heard about this week’s offer for free slices of the stuff in exchange for doing absolutely sweet FA, naturally it got the whole of the GlasgowLiving office exclaiming CHEESUS CRUST in unison.

That’s right, the godly pizza pioneers at Pizza Punks are hosting a mega 500 pizza giveaway to celebrate their first birthday in the only way they know how – 100% smothered in pizza. The giveaway will take place at the St Vincent St restaurant on Friday 6th October from 12 pm. So limber up and get prepared for Glasgow’s version of The Hunger Games, as the 6″ sourdough pizza pies will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis until stocks last, served both to sit-in or to-go. So if you’re not speedy, you’re most certainly going to be sans pizza and left staring through the window like you’re in a sad movie. 

Opening back in 2016, the Punks have been enlightening diners with creative freedom, allowing its patrons to “Punk it Up” by adding as many toppings as they want for ONE magical price, captivating Glasgow foodies with every slice. The team now want to give back to the city’s hordes of hungry pizza admirers not only with Friday’s complimentary food but with an entire weekend full of birthday celebrations.

If you can’t make it for the freebies, you can still rock up from 8 pm on Friday 6th for a night of scran, brewery-fresh Staropramen Tank Beer, Prosecco on tap, birthday cake and punk rock. Simply RSVP to [email protected] to apply for entry on the night. 

Special promotions will also run for the full weekend including: competition prizes, a special birthday cake ‘freakshake’ (blue raspberry ripple milkshake topped with hundreds & thousands, rainbow drops, birthday cake and candy floss) and a limited edition sharing Pizza, “the Rogue one”, comprised of weirdly wonderful toppings such as: homemade lamb donner, mac & cheese and Irn Bru pulled pork. The pric tag? Only 25 smackeroos including two sides and two drinks. 

So don’t be a dough ball, trade in your standard lunchtime square meal for a sexy round number and make sure you get a pizza this weekend.