Looking for a way to introduce your kids into a physical activity that will also benefit their minds too? Then look no further! The Yoga Practice Studio in the Southside are starting back their children’s yoga classes for 3-12 years olds from the 30th of October.

The stresses of daily life affect the youth of today more than event before, with statistics showing that 1 in 10 children and young people in Scotland aged 5 to 16 develop a clinically diagnosable mental illness .
(Audit Scotland)

Studies show that prevention is more effective, and more valuable, than the cure in many cases. One of the ways in which we can prepare young people mentally is through the power of yoga.

We live fast paced lives and sometimes it is difficult to take a breather and remember what is really important. These messages are absorbed by children around us – even if we don’t mean to pass on these habits.

The classes which require booking run as a block of 8 are the perfect way to gently introduce children into positive practices that promote mindfulness and self awareness.

They are run by professional and certified instructors who encourage children to work to the best of their ability in a safe and kind environment.

Children will have the chance to learn how their bodies work, understand the connection between mind and physical wellbeing while also developing strength and body positivity.

More information on classes, prices and times can be found on The Yoga Practice Studio website or you can drop in at the studio here for more information:  The Yoga Practice, 33 Carmunnock Road, Glasgow, G44.