World Class Glasgow Cocktail Weekend 2019

Glasgow Cocktail Weekend is once again set to bring the city’s finest venues, parties and unique drinks together in the celebration of mixology.

This year the Glasgow Cocktail Weekend has partnered with World Class to showcase some of the most renowned bartenders of the world and World Class drinks in your own favourite venues.

The event this year claims you’ll have your senses truly awakened at their Cocktail World, set inside the iconic Arches. Cocktail World will feature a tequila truck, an elegant gin tasting experience with Tanqueray 10, the ultimate Johnnie Walker experience and much more to keep you entertained. 

Cocktail Word is also home to unique sensory experiences and cocktail workshops.  Learn how to make the perfect dark and stormy or the smoothest old fashioned, just the way you like it. Of course, other cocktails are available… but those are our favourites.

Feel like tasting the unique drinks across Glasgow during the festival? You can pick up a Cocktail Explorer ticket for just £5; giving you exclusive access to GCW cocktail menus in over 37 different bars and making all cocktails £5 at every venue during the festival.

If you’re serious about cocktails, then an All Access GCW pass is the ticket for you. Giving you the same experience as the Cocktail Explorer ticket with added benefits of access to Cocktail World and some top secret ‘invite-only’ surprises.

Want ant to see if your local bar of choice is taking part or interested in purchasing tickets? Head to the Glasgow Cocktail Weekend website here.