One thing that you’ll realise after crossing the threshold into AirSpace UK, Europe’s largest Freestyle Trampoline Centre is just how unbelievably enormous the centre actually is. On paper 35,000 square feet seems quite large but seen through the naked eye? Mindboggling.

With more than 100 trampolines, airbags, dodgeball courts and the extra springy trampolines (not official title) for the more experienced amongst us (not Glasgow Living), AirSpace UK has put a spring back in East Kilbride’s step.

Not only is AirSpace the biggest freestyle trampoline park in Europe, it is also the first of its kind in Britain. Massively popular in Australia and the States, it’s surprising that prior to the opening of this fantastic venture, no one had attempted to build an indoor trampoline park in the UK.


Anyway, Glasgow Living was invited along to sample the aerodynamical delights of AirSpace and what an absolute blast we had. A little tentative to begin with (owing to Glasgow Living last stepping foot on a trampoline nearly 15 years ago), AirSpace is unashamedly fun.

With the possibility of taking on friends or workmates at dodgeball it gives employers another option when thinking about Christmas days out. At £12 pounds a session, there’s very little chance your bank manager will be waking up in cold sweats as if being haunted by the ghosts of financial future.

We caught up with Rebecca Mayhew, creator of AirSpace (and the massively successful Go Ape Adventure Parks), to ask her about her new creation. “It’s been a long nine months, from idea to the actual finished article, has been quite stressful, there’s so much planning involved, but its worth it, I’m just glad we’ve finally got here,” laughed Rebecca, sounding slightly relieved.

It’s been a long nine months, from idea to the actual finished article, and has been quite stressful, there’s so much planning involved, but its worth it, I’m just glad we’ve finally got here

Talking about the initial idea, where did the spark come from?  “It was when we (herself and Tristam) were over in the States with Go Ape,” said Rebecca. “We noticed trampoline parks were massively popular in the US, and there were none in the UK. I guess that was our eureka moment.”

“AirSpace is unique though,” Rebecca stated. “That spring loaded, trampoline penalty shoot out over there,” pointing toward the huge goalposts, “we came up with it, and if you see anyone else with it, well they stole our idea.” She laughed.

“Seriously though there’s nothing else like it in the world. its never been done before”, the AirSpace owner added.

Thinking that AirSpace UK is just for kids, gymnasts and parkour participants? How wrong you are.  Plans are already afoot to set up fitness classes. Glasgow Living were speaking to one of the AirSpace trainers and he said. “Yeah imagine a sort of Zumba but on trampolines. A class of people watching an instructor on a trampoline and mimicking their movements.”

And what about the health benefits? asked Glasgow Living. “Ten minutes on a trampoline is the equivalent to thirty minutes on a treadmill.” he answered.

“Not only that,” he said quickly. “Using trampolines means far less stress and intensity on your knees and joints.”

With AirSpace almost guaranteed to be a success, due to it being unique to Britain. Are there future plans to build on its success? “Well AirSpace in East Kilbride is our prototype,” said Rebecca, “once we perfect this, we will definitely look at setting up more Airspaces around the country.”

By the looks of the ecstatic (but knackered) V.I.Ps, each granted the opportunity to try AirSpace before the general public, it seems as if the freestyle trampoline centre is close to being perfect already.

AirSpace in East Kilbride, where jumping for joy has a whole different meaning.