Well Glasgow it’s now 2016 and we’re all sick to the back teeth of that old cliche “New year new me!” Pfffft, yeah yeah we’ve heard it all before.

Last year you were giving up booze for the month – Ha! Like that was ever going to happen! The year before that was the fags but here you are still smoking your 20 deck of Sterling Fresh Burst every day. What about that diet you were going start 5 years ago? Aye, it all sounds a bit familiar! Maybe it’s time to make a change though, maybe it’s time to start injecting a bit of sweat into your lifestyle (And no…I don’t mean a night out at the subbie!). Instead of saying all that shite about getting fit and healthy go out and actually do it!

To help you we at GlasgowLiving have found the perfect ways for you to make a change to your lifestyle this January. Jump on the bandwagon!

Commando X – Fit Glasgow, Hillington

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 16.28.08

Commando X – Fit is run by ex Navy PT Ross McGaffney and ex Royal Marine Commando Adam White. Their award winning Functional Gym can be found at Hillington in the West End. They pride themselves on high quality functional training with a personal touch in the form of  personal training sessions and intense fitness classes. With these two being from a services background this isn’t for the faint hearted!


Park Circuits Outdoor Fitness

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Park Circuits Outdoor Fitness offers a flexibility around your weekly routine, With no two sessions ever being the same plus the added moral (and physical support) of everyone around you, Park Circuits Outdoor Fitness can really help you become the best you’ve ever been in 2016 . With a freebie first session, come along and see what Park Circuits Outdoor Fitness can do for you.


Bikram Yoga – Byres Road


Bikram Yoga is all about strengthening your body and spine in all directions. A typical session lasts for 90 minutes and is performed in a room heated to 40°C, with 40 percent humidity so expect to sweat. We advise taking a towel or two!

Bikram Yoga on Byres Road are running an introductory offer of £30 for unlimited classes for 30 consecutive days.


Academia De Salsa


Learn how to use your hips at one of Academia De Salsa’s beginner classes held throughout the city. In 8 weeks you will be a salsa professional. A very passionate and intimate dance so could be a lot of fun for you and your other half!


Equinox10, Royal Terrace Lane

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Scott Russell of Equinox10 is a health and fitness professional with a growing reputation in the Glasgow area. He and his team offer tailored fitness programs and classes at his Royal Terrace Lane Studio. If you are looking to achieve your fitness goals in a smaller environment then this could be for you.


Route One Spin Studio, Bothwell Street


Route 1 Spin Studio is Glasgow’s number one indoor cycling and spin studio. They offer small, honest, group training, 7 days a week accompanied by banging beats! Sounds alright? Thanks to owner Claire MacAuley’s background in professional cycling (she used to cycle for Scotland), she’ll build your mental and physical fitness agility, to levels you didn’t think yourself possible.


Roller Stop Glasgow, Middlesex Street


Rewind to your childhood and take up rollerblading at Roller Stop Glasgow. Learn something new or simply “roll along” and have a great time. They host an adult roller disco at their rink every week as well as providing lessons for people of all ages. Rollerstop Glasgow is the greatest activity you’ve never tried.


Ultimate Pole Fitness

Young slim pole dance woman.

If you are looking to tone up, improve strength and flexibility, build confidence and have a lot of fun, then Ultimate Pole Fitness could be for you! With each class guaranteed to be a new experience, thanks to Ultimate Pole practicing a freestyle ethos. I’m sure this will be one that your partner will appreciate too. Saucy!


So there you have it Glasgow. 8 fun activities for you get stuck into this year. We’re away to order a pizza!