GlasgowLiving looks back at some of the biggest news stories in 2015, some made you laugh, some made you cry. As always Glasgow, you were never boring.

We take a look back at 2015, which stories resonated? Which stories really affected you? Let us know.

1. Red Road Flats


2. Pauline Cafferkey Ebola

Pauline Cafferkey

3. Karen Buckley

karen buckley

4. Save The Arches

save the arches4

5. Scotland Failing (Again)


6. Scotland Cheated (Again)

Glasgow Scotland Rugby

7. Syrian Refugees Arrive

Syrian Refugees

8. Je T’aime Paris

Je T'aime

9. Charles Kennedy

Glasgow Uni

10. Ellie Goulding Breaks Up A Square Go At Summer Sessions

Ellie goulding

11. Jim Murphy – Eddie Izzard

Glasgow SNP

12. Kingsley

Soccer - Partick Thistle handout photo

13. Mhairi Black


14. Turner Prize Glasgow

Turner Prize1

15. Sheepish Sheep Dog M74 Rampage

sheep dog drives tractor

16. Mackintosh School of Art Recovery

Glasgow School Of Art Mackintosh

17. SNP 2015 General Election Wipeout

General Election2015

18. Andy Murray Davis Cup Emirates Arena

Andy Murray Davis Cup