“Is this the queue to Kill Yourself?” was the question asked as I waited in line for Groundling’s Theatre Alumnus Annie Sertich’s show which had sold out in both NYC and LA earlier this year.

“….Yes” I replied but thought this may not be a good start for going to see a comedy!

I soon realised as Annie burst on to the stage with her first energetic, off the wall life coach character that my fears were unwarranted. Sertich’s comedy career including Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO’s Silicon Valley and Showtime’s Shameless has seen her play a variety of hilarious characters but today we get Annie. Raw, honest and real. We go through a marriage break-up and the effects of betrayal, we explore relationships with friends and family and delve deep into an incredibly dark year of her life, all the while laughing at her perfectly timed delivery and clever observations.

Audience members were moved to tears from each end of the emotional spectrum, laughing and crying simultaneously. Despite the dark subject matter, this one woman show will leave you feeling uplifted with the light that is Annie Sertich.