We won’t let lock-down prevent you from having a good time (safely and within the rules of course!), that’s why we have made it easy for you to get drinks delivered to your door. Introducing the launch of our new online bevy store, GlasgowLiving.bar.

At GlasgowLiving.bar we are offering a range of drinks for everyone, but what you’ll find hits your taste buds in those particular places is our freshly made COCKTAILS. We have teamed up with Glasgow’s finest mixologist‘s to provide you with the freshest of cocktails. Whether you want a French Martini (not made by a French individual, why the hell is it French?!), or a Sex on the Beach (ah, good times) our online bar is sure not to let you down.

Go ahead and order some drinks today, they’ll be made tomorrow and then at your door shortly after.

What are you waiting for? Drink up ⇨.