In a recent survey with Citizens Advice Scotland, it is said that about one in eight Scots say the cost of their energy bills are “unaffordable” and are turning away from the “big six” companies in order to get a cheaper deal, new research has found.

However, after further research, it was discovered that old and inefficient boilers were part of the issue and by replacing or fixing your current boiler could actually save you hundreds of pounds per year, giving you a bit of spare cash to do the things you like – instead of lining someone else’s pockets!

Now we know what you’re thinking – ‘yeah but how can I afford a new boiler?’ Well thankfully there is now a government backed initiative called the Boiler Scrappage Scheme, where they actually give you £1,000 off a brand new boiler with no upfront costs. 

Sounds good, but what’s the catch?

Actually there isn’t one. This is part of the Government‘s initiative to reduce its carbon footprint, so they have set a budget aside to help improve inefficient boilers with the self funding scheme. It is actually reported that by switching to a new boiler you can save up to 45% per year on energy bills. 

So what other benefits are included?

Well aside from saving money annually on energy bills, no upfront costs for one year and £1,000 towards a new boiler, a new boiler will actually increase the value of your home! Also Unlike other schemes the help to buy scheme enables you to choose from many boilers to suit your property – happy days!  

How do I apply for the Boiler Scrappage Scheme and start saving money?

Well it’s actually very simple and takes less than 60 seconds! The team at Energy Networks Solution are industry specialists and their award winning customer service team literally does everything for you! All you have to do is fill out your details on their website and they will get in touch to arrange a visit and help you start saving money.