UKTheatreSchool is holding an open audition day this month for young people aged 10 years and up. Here’s what you need to know about this Glasgow-based performing arts academy:

In the heart of Glasgow city centre lies a theatre school with the motto “talented students become educated performers”. Established by Lizanne Thomson, the performing arts group has managed to bridge the gap between typical drama schools and further education in the entertainment industry. The school encourages further study and supports all students in their efforts. Many students have gone on to be successful, attaining places in establishments such as Juilliard. Others have been successful on screen and stage – thanks to their background at UKTS.

The school covers all different ability levels and specialities, ranging from mainstream acting, singing and dancing to advanced classes. These classes cover areas such as acting, musical theatre and dance, depending on each students individual preference. They are also supported by establishments such as the Royal Academy of Dance, ensuring the highest quality standards.

UKTheatreSchool Open Audition

Their next intake is coming very soon, with an open audition scheduled for Sunday 10th November at their location on West Regent St. The auditions begin at 12.30pm for those aged between 10-12, and for teenagers at 2pm. For those under 10, a private audition is necessary – find out more here.

If you have a child who enjoys performing and would benefit from the exquisite – but also fun – training at this award-winning school, why not come along? This organisation could help realise potential, which may otherwise never be used. This opportunity is exciting for everyone!

UKTheatreSchool Michael Buble

Also, who doesn’t want the chance to meet Michael Buble? Mums, we’re looking at you!

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