Tennent’s Lager was getting emojinal over the long-awaited arrival of the Scotland flag to iOS. The Glasgow based brewer is happy Scots can finally fly their country’s flag on iPhone but doesn’t want it to stop there. Tennent’s has polled the nation this morning to ask the people of Scotland, what’s next?

Scots want to see more of their rich culture showcased on the Apple keyboard and voted on their favourite from an unusual mix of Tennent’s created emojis that capture the true essence of Scottish culture.


A roll ‘n’ pie –  doubling as the perfect hangover cure and halftime scran.


The midge – representing the little buggers that ruin (all three days of) Scottish summer.


Four seasons in one day – from leaving home in your shorts to coming home in your wellies, something we’ve all experienced.



 And the Tennent’s Golden Can – the ultimate accolade, awarded to Scotland’s finest in culture, sport, music.



Coming out on top though was the roll ‘n’ pie emoji with the Tennent’s Golden Can coming in second. The brewer is hoping the creators at Apple will take notice of what the people of Scotland want.


Alan McGarrie, Head of UK Brand Marketing at Tennent’s, thinks it’s outrageous that Scotland doesn’t have its own official emoji set given the country’s position as the undisputed kings and queens of internet patter. He said:


….. I’d love to say more, but I don’t have the proper emojis to express myself. #HeretoServe.”


Selecting the top four must-have emojis was no easy feat though with a number of Scottish icons urgently required to keep banter flowing on the Apple keyboard. A few that just missed out on the shortlist included:


Haggis – the stomach-churning delicacy of Scotland.



A Highland Coo – those scruffy looking farm animals.





A pint of Tennent’s – Scotland’s best-selling pint. Best served, cold.






And the Loch Ness Monster – Scotland’s most epic myth. Necessary for alerting your mates of his next sighting….