This Saturday marks the fifth year of the Tenement Trail and, this time around, Glasgow music fans can take in an eclectic array of 50 bands spread across a record, 10 venues. Handily, each of the venues are located in the city centre, which makes this up and coming multi-venue festival all the more accessible and exciting. So, even if the weather doesn’t play ball? No need for a taxi, just throw your jacket over your head and make a wee mad stoat to your next show.

The name itself suggests that you’ll find bands rocking out in living rooms, not unlike your Aunty Betty’s. Or maybe you’re picturing a wee electronica combo playing a blinder in the back green of your old student digs… Not so much! The Tenement Trail is a nod to the inner-city, close quarters nature of the festival and to the Glasgow music scene itself. And though you might not find yourself traipsing up a close to watch a band, fans who head to Flat 0/1 for Rascalton will experience something not a million miles away from the home-style gig, complete with sideboard, knick-knacks and 70s wallpaper.

The Tenement Trail prides itself on being a festival of discovery. The idea being, you pay your 20 odd quid, get to enjoy bite-sized sets from some of the most respected small artists in the UK and, at the same time, go home with a handful of emerging bands or local talent to explore and look out for in the future. Sounds pretty good, right? You don’t like the vibe at a particular venue, then head on over to another.


(Glasgow Living must-see Tip #1 – Dead Pretties, playing at Broadcast)

As well as being a festival that promotes new talent, the Tenement Trail also boasts a wide range of artists, that in all likelihood ( if you’re anything like us here at Glasgow Living, anyway) reflects the sheer madness of your Spotify account. Ranging from the O2 ABC headliners, The Temperance Movement’s blues-rock, to the Nickajack Men’s alt-country, via the indie-rock chaos of the super-hyped Dead Pretties and onto the undefinable sonic assault that is Fauve, there’s a plethora of talent on the bill this year. Not surprisingly for a festival that proudly states its devotion to inclusiveness and diversity, female artists are also well represented at the festival too, with the Mercury Prize short-listed, The Big Moon, standing out as a band you’ll definitely want to experience live.


(Glasgow Living must-see tip #2, The Big Moon are playing at The Garage)

The atmosphere in and around the Tenement Trail gig-crawl has been incredible in years gone by, with incredibly supportive crowds keen to embrace Glasgow’s ever-diversifying scene. So, whether you plan on skipping from venue to venue to catch a mixed bag of shows, or are aiming to set your stall out early in your favourite venue, it’s an incredible way to support our city, its music scene and some stellar bars and music venues.

(Glasgow Living must-see tip #3, Louis Berry is playing at O2 ABC)

If you make it along, The Tenement Trail are looking for you to embrace the do it yourself, discovery ethos and get involved with the #TT17 hashtag on Twitter and the @tenementtv tag on Instagram. Hopefully, you’ll crowd surf across a sweaty wee room or get pulled on stage to dance with one of Glasgow’s up and comers. Either way, take loads of pics and feel free to tag us too!

Head on over to for more info on bands, venues and times. See you there, troops!

Words By Claire Mac