A warehouse in Govan is the most unlikely of destinations to be heading to on a cold, rain-soaked Saturday in Glasgow. But that was exactly where GlasgowLiving– and hundreds of others – excitedly aimed for at the weekend just gone.

What on earth could the attraction be? Well, only the highly-anticipated launch of Big Feed Glasgow’s first indoor street market, featuring some of the most innovative street food providers. Did we mention it was fully licensed?

Opening from 12-10pm was an ambitious move and the crowds we saw certainly warranted the long hours, but the organisers and stall holders seemed a little taken aback at the demand. we got there at 1 pm and it was already busy, with long queues snaking around the massive space.

By 2 pm, they had had 1500 through the doors already, the lines to get in now spilling onto Govan Road. We waited 20 minutes for some Nomad Wood Fired Pizza, Then inhaled it in two.


Utterly delicious. We were glad we had because by 2.30pm, they had run out of dough and were frantically making more. Rum, Whisky and Espresso Martinis were being expertly mixed at Charlie Mills, cheese toasties were flying out of the Cheesy Toast Shack, vegan falafel burgers and sweet potato fries from Freddy and Hicks proving just as popular as the meat variety from Street Food Putter Club. Shrimp Wreck had a line that I couldn’t see the end of, so we joined the lovely folks at Fizzbuz Valentino for a little glass of prosecco.


Their mobile prosecco truck is impeccably neat and just a genius idea. You can hire it for events, and when they started talking about kegs of prosecco, we got chills. The crowd couldn’t have been more diverse.


Grannies shared long tables with kids and hipsters. No-one seemed particularly upset about the queues, they just accepted the place was busy and got chatting.

Live music kept the atmosphere light, and the bars satisfied the thirst of the crowd. Meanwhile, board games such as Connect 4 and Jenga that had been stacked on a piano kept kids of all ages amused and out of mischief.


For a massive, cold warehouse in March, Big Feed Glasgow certainly made the place look really welcoming, with strings of bulbs draped from every pallet stall.  It was delightfully rough, ready and chaotic, kind of what you should expect from a street food event in Govan.


Keep an eye out on Facebook, as it’s happening again on March 25, albeit with some tweaks from the organisers: more stalls, more staff and certainly more awareness of the huge demand out there for events  like this. Get there early. It’s worth it. See you there. Big Feed Glasgow is holding its next event on March 25, 249 Govan Road, G51 1HJ. Vendors to be announced…

***All images credits to: Big Feed Glasgow & Charlie Mills***