If you love great beer, then Glasgow is the place to be. From in house brewery’s to imported classics, Glasgow is no stranger to the perfect pint.

As this week we celebrated the UK’s national beer day GlasgowLiving have picked out  some of the best places to grab a few and say cheers to our awesome beers…


Brewdog has been serving Glasgow their legendary beer since 2011 and they don’t look to be stopping anytime soon. Their iconic Punk IPA is still going strong across many venues in Glasgow including their own two bars in Finneston and Merchant City.

Brewdog offer a great range of beers that continue to set the standard for craft brews all over. Their strong flavours never fail to pack a punch, but they can also do the simple things like lager exceptionally well too. A real treat for any beer lover.

We recommend: Elvis Juice, a grapefruit infused IPA what’s not to love?


Innis n Gunn Beer Kitchen Ashton Lane

The newly opened Innis n Gunn venue on Ashton Lane has become a firm favourite for beer drinkers.

Their stunning brewpub boasts all the Edinburgh firms brews such as their flagship lager and IPA.

They have ignored their new Glasgow home though, with an in house brewpub that churns out their newest addition to the Gunn family the Ashton Lane Pale Ale. Not only do they brew it in house, but also filter their West End trademark beer through their in house infuser that you’ll find regular filled with different fruits to create mind blowing flavours straight into your beer.

Highlights of this have included Strawberry and Mint and Watermelon, great for the most refreshing pint

We recommend : Whatever’s in the infuser…

Six Degrees North 

At Six Degrees North you will find Scottish beer brewed the Belgian way. Their trendy bar in Partick offers 30 taps and over 100 different bottles including their very own uniquely produced beer.

Their beer takes stock of Belgian influences and they allow a natural process of their beer to take place, allowing strong flavours to develop noted in their Tripel beer, their take on a traditional Belgian form.

We recommend: Scotch, a warm hearty dark beer with flavours of coffee and toffee to be found throughout.


Attached to the Wellpark brewery is Drygate, an experimental craft beer brewery that has produced an array of stunning beers over the years.

At Drygate you will find not just great beer, but great choice. From their gluten free pilsner to beer infused with mango and named disco fork lift truck (yes really), Drygate boasts a fearless way of doing things and their beers have become hugely popular around the city.

We recommend: Outspace Apple Ale, great beer made even better with the infusion of apple, like cider but not cider, all beer.

Bavaria BrauHaus 

A sheer festival of beers is to be found at Glasgow’s mini Munich.

Brau Haus sources a series of authentic gems from the Bavarian capital such as HofBrua, Augustiner and LowenBrau.

These classic Bavarian beers are ranked some of the best in the world and are all available at Brau Haus’s stunning city centre venue. Not only that, but you can also order them the true German way, in a Stein.

We recommend: Paulaner , a cracking German lager, light smooth and refreshing (in a Stein)


The Shilling Brewing Company 

Right in the heart of the city centre you will find the mesmerising Shilling brewpub, an in house on site brewery offering a unique way to experience beer in Glasgow.

Opened last summer, the team at Shilling has worked hard to produce the finest of ales and serve them fresh straight from their huge in house brewery.

There are three staple beers to choose from, each offering their own distinctive taste. There’s a wicked IPA, a classic red ale and a hoppy blonde ale, all relating to Scottish brewing history, and the celebration of Glasgow’s 400 year trade of brewing fine beer.

We recommend: Glasgow Red Ale, a classic red ale which according to Shilling is a pint for a clydesider


West have been an integral part of the Glasgow beer scene since their opening in 2006.

Their motto Glaswegian heart, German head simplifies the fact they are a Scottish/ German hybrid – sticking to the German way of brewing beer following the strict guidance of Reinheitsgebot’ or to us the German purity law of 1516 which means ingredients only include water, malt, hops and yeast.

This traditional German way of producing their beer has led to many great creations, such as their flagship lager St Mungos or their Heffweizen, their trademark wheat beer.

We recommend: WEST 4, a light crisp golden lager.

Let us know in the comments if we’re missing a trick here or if you have anywhere you can recommend…