Brooklyn Cafe, Shawlands, Announces Salt And Chilli Fry Up

Love Chinese take-away that much you could eat it for breakfast? How about a Chinese take-away style fry up!

Brooklyn Cafe is already a trendy and popular spot with the residents of Shawlands. The chefs are known for proudly serves up excellent breakfast and lunch options, amazing desserts, trendy teas and coffees from their inviting space on Minard Road. 

We think that this time the chefs have pulled it out of the bag.

The breakfast of bacon, black pudding, potato scone, square sausage, link sausage and mushrooms all come in a crispy salt and chilli batter and served with traditional seasoning and fresh chillis.

Brooklyn Cafe opened its doors to willing volunteers on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th August to let people try their new creation, the volunteers then gave their feedback to see if it should remain on their specials board. Our fingers are still crossed that it becomes a permanent option on their menu.

Imagine missing your favourite take-out spot after a night out, only to wake up and have this beautiful creation for breakfast? Hangover cure if you ask us. 

So that everyone can enjoy a Chinese style fry up breakfast the team are already working on a vegan version of their latest creation.

Head to the Brooklyn Cafe Facebook page to see the reactions to the dish.