American Icon Enlists Top Tribute to Replace Cancelled Gig

It’s the 4th of July and the show must go on… Green Day have cancelled, but American icon Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) is here to ease the pain. The brand is holding a free party at east end venue St Lukes with punk tunes playing all night, live music and PBR.

The Milwaukee born brand has even arranged for the UK’s premiere Green Day tribute act: ‘Green Date’ to turn up and play the classics. Punk punters left in limbo by the last minute cancellation should head along to St Luke’s for 6pm to celebrate Independence Day in style. 

Event page:
Doors open 6pm
DJ playing punk rock classics from 7pm
Green Date on stage 10pm
Venue open till 12.00
Free entry
St Lukes, 17 Bain St, Glasgow G40 2JZ

Born in Milwaukee in 1844, PBR prides itself on being individual, authentic, and true to its roots. Owned and produced by America’s largest independent brewery, its multi award-winning taste, heritage and subversive character has made it a firm favourite across the pond.