EVERYTHING REALLY IS AWESOME!!! Followers of the wee yet world famous building bricks will be over the (one of many Star Wars Moons) to know that Europe’s biggest LEGO® exhibits is on route to Scotland for the very first time.

BRICKLIVE will be creating it’s way to the city’s Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) from July 20 to 23 as part a UK tour. The family-fun event will be bursting with tonnes of LEGO® bricks to play with, iconic masterpieces showcasing some of the most extraordinary pieces from the planets very professional LEGO® builders.

A leading lego-plastic fantastic insider from Legoland told us that the event will also include race tracks, graffiti walls, LEGO design, and a selection of interactive themed areas for fans to enjoy.

Andy Smith, one of the event’s directors, described how the team behind the convention is “fully committed” to making this year’s event “the best ever,” with more bricks than ever before. He added: “We’re thrilled to be bringing LEGO® to more people over the next twelve months.”

VIP tickets will include a lanyard, an event guide, a one-hour exclusive preview, and a goody bag. Ticket prices start from £21.75 and can be purchased from HERE.