The sands of time, they drift through your hands Glasgow. Here’s an interesting thought though.

Do you ever notice that when you were younger, life seemed to drag in? The time between your tenth birthday and your 20th was an eternity. But the years between your 21st and 30th flashed past in an instant.

Imagine how quickly the years between 30 and your death will move…Scary stuff.

Anyway here are a few items to make you realise how f****** old you really are…Friday Feeling and all that.


one direction

One Direction have been around for six years, have released 5 albums, one smash hit movie, and are worth an estimated £25 million each…You haven’t even completed 60% per cent of Call of Duty. Poor show.

Still Game

still game

The final Still Game episode aired in 2007, yup we last visited the Craiglang gang almost 9 years ago.



Even stranger, the last episode of SMTV aired in 2003, almost 13 years ago. And with it’s demise the death of Saturday morning television on terrestrial television. Live and Kicking’s last episode? Nearly 15 years ago.

Floppy Disk


The floppy disk was last used in a meaningful way back in 2010, but its been a massive 18 years since Apple removed floppy disks from all their equipment.

Amy Winehouse


The talented but tragic Amy Winehouse died 5 years ago this year.

James McAvoy

james mcavoy

Remember James McAvoy in Shameless? Well you’re officially old because that was 11 years ago.



Rihanna’s world wide smash Umbrella (ella? ella?), 9 years old this year, first released 2007.

Courteney Cox


This might be hard to believe but Courtney Cox is 52 in June, and Friends the series started in 1994, 22 years ago this September.

Don’t Look Back in Anger

dont look back in anger

Oasis’ absolute classic anthem, heard at every drunken karaoke session from Manchester to Madagascar comes of age this year. 21 years old. Holy Bejesus we’re old.

Frankie Boyle


What about Frankie Boyle regularly destroying the Mock of the Week panel? He was last seen on the comedy show 7 years ago.

Kevin Bridges

kevin bridges

This should really horrify you, Remember Kevin Bridges first appearance on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow? (The bus stop sketch.) Well that’s 7 years ago this year.

Time Elapsed

The figures 2000 provide an added illumination at the Brandeburg Gate in Berlin 01 January 2000, during celebrations marking the arrival of the new Millennium. It is estimated that around 2 million people crowded into the area surrounding the Gate. AFP PHOTO/ EPA/DPA

Just to finish you off Glasgow, remember the Millennium celebrations? Well we’re now officially closer to 2030, than we are the year 2000.

Sorry about that.