November 9th 2007: the date we discovered Glasgow had won the race to become the city to host the 2014 Commonwealth games – 12 years ago today. An event that would prove extremely beneficial to the tourism industry and job sector for Scotland. Glasgow is arguably the busiest and best city in the country, after all.

The memory of this time is still fresh in our minds, and I don’t think we’ll be forgetting it anytime soon. Reminiscing the hustle and bustle is nice. However, when we compare then to now, is it sad that nothing this big has happened again? Although, the scale of such an event is difficult to follow.

Glasgow commonwealth games

The city was booming at the time; packed out trains, booked out hotels and the jobs were flowing. In fact, according to an official audit by the Scottish Government, 2,100 jobs were created in Scotland and between 2007-2014. Additionally, over half of them were in Glasgow. The city made £390m thanks to the event, which sadly doesn’t happen too often. We’re ready for it to happen again!

Major events like this don’t occur enough in Glasgow which is a huge pity as the benefits are evident although short lived. It is clear that the city gained a lot from the event. And, we believe have more than proven ourselves as a very capable and worthy city. It is about time we are given more opportunities, and we must strive for them!

Glasgow Commonwealth Games

We still have our spirit, culture and people – even if we don’t have these events. Our economy is steadily growing, and we have a greater sense of community and togetherness. If we are approached to host another event to the scale of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, we’ll be more than ready and deserving.

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