There’s no question that you’ve turned up to the right party when you’re welcomed through the door with an intoxicating concoction of jaunty bagpipes and Bhangra drums all at once. And surely there’s no better introduction to an evening of ‘Western meets Eastern’ cuisine?

That is indeed how the West End’s Lorne Hotel greeted each of its esteemed guests as they paraded into ‘Lorne Live’ – a showcase evening of the hotel’s finest produce, wine, and selection of restaurants, as well as the bonus chance for attendees to get all MTV Cribs and start nosing around its rooms (no rooting around in the fridges, mind you).

Housing 102 rooms, its very own Bilberry cocktail bar, Scottish restaurant Birdtree and Bellfish AND Scotland’s official Best Indian Restaurant, Bukharah (as voted for in this year’s Scottish Entertainment Awards), the hotel is bursting at the very seams with its own mini metropolis, making it an ideal locale whether you’re a tourist, business traveler or weekend breaker.

Circling around the room at Lorne Live led the evening’s attendees on a quest like hungry little Pac-Men, driving them from Braehead Foods’ spectacular table laden with brie*, cheddar, stilton, salami, chorizo, chutneys, tablet, fudge and macaroons (oh my!) to Matthew Clark’s wine station, for a much deserved pit stop.

*Important life pondering: how much cheese is too much cheese?



There ain’t no party like a Buckfast party, right? Birdtree & Bellfish were seen to put the tonic wine to the test, serving up plateful after plateful of divine eats which incorporated Scotland’s other, adopted “national” drink. Wowing the (at first, sceptical) crowd, the head chef waxed lyrical about its cooking properties, explaining that its sweetness complemented red meats, making it less harsh to cook with than red wine. The results? Well, this masterfully crafted construction materialised before us, consisting of juicy venison coated in a Buckfast and juniper berry reduction, served with a hearty haggis and black pudding croquette. We were the definition of the biggest thumbs up you’ve ever seen.

Leaving the west and entering the east paved the way for the spices of life as the head chef of the evening, Prem, played with guests’ heat tolerances with his selection of Indian fare from the contemporary Bukharah, serving both classic dishes as well as a few modern takes on traditional plates.

And before we all forget, this is a hotel, after all, people. Snooping around the newly-renovated rooms made plain just why the hotel is one of Glasgow’s most trusted and coveted. Topping the room charts? Its Executive Suites – complete with two king size beds (because, you know, you can never have enough room for your imaginary friends), original cornerstone and a DOUBLE shower – all making for a hotel room with personality.

And most of all? Remember, a towel elephant never forgets…

Thanks to all the fantastic front of house team and chefs for welcoming team GlasgowLiving!

To find out more about the Lorne Hotel’s rooms, weddings, cocktail bar, restaurants or function suites, visit the Facebook page, or call 0141 310 1555.