A special charity event to save Korean dogs from the brutal meat trade is being held in the city centre on Tuesday, but don’t let the subject put you off what is intended to be a celebration of life and unsung heroes.

Glasgow Living spoke to Madeline Warren, the woman behind this heartwarming event, who has been on the campaign trail to save these poor dogs since 2015

Madeline with saved puppy Milky

On Tuesday at the Wild Cabaret venue, Madeline will be joined by the founder of the charity Save Korean Dogs Nami Kim to celebrate her incredibly heroic work over the past few years, closing down dog farms and rescuing hundreds of dogs.

And Madeline hopes to see hundreds of Glaswegian animal lovers attend the event for a true party that will feature a host of highlights that are not to be missed.

Madeline said: “We are making it a light hearted event about celebrations, we’re just going to talk about the good work we’ve been doing, how near we are to saving all the dogs in Korea and how we are bringing more dogs to the UK.”

“It’s all going to be positive good things. We’re going to have a DJ, we’re going to have a pin ups parlor, we’ve got a really amazing raffle with amazing prizes and it’s in a really cool cabaret venue.”

Madeline was introduced to the campaign through social media in 2015, where she discovered the horrific cruelty that innocent dogs were subjected to.

It was later that year that Madeline decided to answer Nami’s rallying call for more support and she traveled all the way over to Korea to stand in solidarity with Nami’s great cause.

Madeline said: “It was just me and two other people from the whole wide world that went over, she appreciates that.

“I’ve stuck with her since then and watched her awareness and popularity grow.”

Now Nami is visiting Glasgow to spread the word and talk of her success story and Madeline believes this could inspire a Scottish branch to stand up against this brutal example of animal cruelty.

She said: “I’ve named this event ‘Scotland Saves Korean Dogs’ because I do want Scotland to get more involved.

“I want Scotland to be on Nami’s radar and Korea’s radar and Glasgow is the perfect place to start this.”

Four things to expect from Scotland Saves Korean Dogs

Wicked Venue

The Wild Cabaret in the Merchant city is simply stunning with a huge room oozing with style and class it’s the perfect place to host such a special event.


Wild Cabaret

Get Dolled Up…

With the girls in pink of Pinups Vintage salon who will be on hand offering glamorous mini make overs.

 It could be your lucky night

From guest list tickets at the Fratellis to tattoo gift vouchers from Lucky Cat tattoo parlor, there are literally hundreds of superb prizes to be won from the raffle. The highlight has to be a pet photo shoot!


One Incredible Campaigner

All of this is happening thanks to one woman, Nami Kim is a dog saving dynamo and her presence in Glasgow on Tuesday is set to be truly inspirational to all who attend.

Scotland Saves Korean Dogs will take place at Wild Cabaret from 6-9pm on Tuesday 2nd May

Donation for entry £20 & Raffle tickets £5 each (Buy 5 get 1 free)