Lisa Donati of Gie It Laldy is the patter princess Glasgow didn’t know it needed. Since its joyful, shite-talkin’ inception in 2011, Gie It Laldy has brought some of Scotland’s best-loved, most kind and downright naughtiest sayings to a mug near you. Pun intended, with relish.

Now, there is a gorgeous wee store, 100% open five days a week on Crow Road in the West End, and to celebrate, we decided to share some of our favourite instas from the Gie It Laldy feed, in one, easy-to-find spot.

Check out their work online, order a mug for your favourite mug and get yourself in for a wee look round. Roasters and bawbags welcome and encouraged, on their best behaviour, of course.

12. Gee’ n the Polis the Patter & Bringing Some Glesga Cheer To Our Nurses Dear

11. Glasgow, New Year, New Beer! Refresh, Retox, Recycle…

10. Greggs Legs (Always Fresh, Always Tasty)

Gie It Laldy


9. Yer Da Sells Avon

gie it laldy


8. True Scottish Eggs Wear Kilts (But What Do They Wear Underneath Them?)

7. Perfect For THAT Person In Your Life (There’s Always One and If You Don’t Know Who It Is, It’s You)

6. Christmas Gift Idea for The ‘Unhinged Loon’ In Yer Life


5. At Least We Tried


4. Meanwhile, On Argyle Street


3. It’s Only Funny Cos It’s True (How Good Has It Been This Year Though??)


2. That Time Hazel Ramsay Was Savage About the Tattie Scones

1. And Finally, This Belter (Booter?)


Which one got the biggest giggle?

If you’ve got a saying that hasn’t been immortalised in a mug yet, then never fear. They’ll personalise it for you an’ all! Judging by the hilarious sayings we’ve seen so far, there isnae much Gie It Laldy wanna put on a mug.

She’s some wummin, that’s for sure.

Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to go and give them a follow on Insta for your daily dose of patter. See you down Crow Road soon for a gander at the wee shop!


You can Gie It Laldie yersel, by shopping online or in-store at 199 Crow Road.